7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

These days, for the ultimate gentleman’s lair, one has a number of urban essentials to choose from. The stereotype image of unorganised living and a non-functional kitchen is very last-decade, and an old stereotype!  Today, there is plenty of room for embracing sophistication without it being a burden on your pocket, or it seeming like a ‘feminine’ pursuit. Here’s a list of 7 things to have in your new-age bachelor pad. Read on boys, and take notes!

1. A contemporary bookshelf

Designed by the house of Shaz Living, this custom crafted Phoenix bookshelf, touched up in walnut tones, is made with sturdy mango wood. Mount the bookshelf on the wall, compartmentalise your books according to genre, title or author; and store your precious property in a unit that looks good, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This smart creation is sturdy and modern, and its functional aspect compliments the needs of a man who loves his study room to be accentuated with smart décor.

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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2. Mini Foosball!

A foosball table – the fantasy of every 90s an 2000s kid who was a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! If you don’t have the space for a full-size table, the mini version is just as good! The Mini Foosball table is a sporty and cool piece of decor for sure, but one that also keeps you busy when you have your buddies over.

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs
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3. Something fishy about that coffee table!

An quirky, yet functional coffee table is a great addition to an offbeat space. Multi-coloured and with all attachments and accessories in place, this custom-made aquarium coffee table glass tank has a strong teak wood base for support; and above all, is sure to be a conversation starter. 7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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4. A cricket-themed bar set

IPL or no IPL, cricket fever is a constant in this country! What better way to honour your love for the great sport, that with this leather cricket-themed bar set?! Made out of swanky white leather, the holder contains a set of stirrers with wickets, an icebreaker, a bottle opener and a wine bottle opener with a cricket ball as it head and a peg measurer with a cricket bat handle. Break it out the next time you have your buddies over for a match!

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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5. Portable mini-fridge

The heat wave that has hit the nation over the past weeks sure calls for some respite. Stay cool, and do it in style with a mini fridge! Doubling up as a food warmer, this mini fridge fits cozily in the house, and is portable as well. This sparking red refrigerator stores food items along with beverages. Who needs a 165L monster, when the mini-version for a singleton is enough?

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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6. Lounge in style with the X-Rocker chair

In your own time and pace, sans distractions, a movie, a game or some music is all you need to relax and unwind after a gruelling day at work. A product of Sony, the X-Rocker Xtreme II Gaming Chair, with high quality surround sound and in-built audio input jack takes gaming and relaxation to a whole new level of cool. Not a big gamer? No worries! It is also perfect accompaniment to binge-watching movies, sitcoms; and listening to music.

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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7. Round-the-clock portable cooling

Beat the unforgiving heat this summer by getting your hands on the sleek EdgeStar Silver Portable Evaporative Air Cooler. This is a great alternative to having an air-conditioner in your home, or if you are unable to install one due to various constraints. It takes only square foot of floor space, thanks to its cylindrical shape. What more? With a washable air filter and just 12 pounds in weight, maintenance is a cakewalk; and it is portable!

7 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

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While some are functional, and others just plain fun, there’s no denying that these are some pretty cool goodies to have around the house, especially a bachelor pad. Go on, and get shopping!

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