All you need to know about Gujarat RERA

The Gujarat government notified the general rules for Gujarat Real Estate (Regulation and Development) rules in May 2017 and ever since, the Gujarat RERA has been in force. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Gujarat RERA

In 2016, the Rajya Sabha passed the Real Estate Bill. The objective was to bring about certain structural changes in the real estate sector. The Gujarat government notified the general rules for Gujarat Real Estate (Regulation and Development) rules in May 2017 and ever since, the Gujarat RERA has been in force. To date, 6,746 projects have been registered along with 1,111 agents. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Gujarat RERA.

Considering a property purchase in Gujarat? You should check whether the property you are interested in is a RERA registered project. Now, how do you do that through the official website of the Gujarat RERA. We guide you step by step.


How to check property on Gujarat RERA?

Step 1:

Go to the GujRERA website at www(dot)gujrera(dot)gujarat(dot)gov(dot)in


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA
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Step 2: 

Search for the project, builder or the agent you are looking at in the space provided, as shown in the picture below. Suppose you were to search for projects by Adani. Just type ‘Adani’ in the search bar and all the projects that the builder is undertaking will be displayed. It is a better option to type the full name of the project. You can also use the ‘Advanced Search’ option if you know the exact details such as district, address, project area, sub-district, project type, and project specification.


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA


How to search for list of registered projects on GujRERA?

Simply go to the ‘REGISTRATION’ tab on the home page. When you choose ‘PROJECTS’, the search leads you to a table with details of registered projects. Click on any of these to as per your choice whether residential, commercial, mixed or plotted developments. If you want to buy an affordable property with benefits as laid out in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), go to the ‘AFFORDABLE HOUSING’ tab to search from a list of properties. Notably, GujRERA is the only authority that has given a very presentable picture of all the projects. As is clear from the picture below, Ahmedabad has the highest number of registered residential projects.


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA


How to access list of defaulters on the GujRERA website?

On the homepage, click on the ‘DEFAULTERS’ tab to see a list of agents or builders who have defaulted. This will give you an idea about the genuinity of the broker you are associating with.


How to file a complaint under GujRERA?

To file a complaint against the builder, an aggrieved home buyer will have to fill Form A available on the website. This should be accompanied by a demand draft worth Rs 1,000 drawn in favour of a nationalised bank payable in the branch of the authority. On receiving it, the authority will decide as per the rules established and a date of hearing will be notified to the concerned home buyer.

You can also register your complaint online. On the home page, go to the ‘COMPLAINT REGISTRATION’ option and fill the form online.

So far, the authority has resolved over 1,600 complaints.


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA


Should you register as an association to make a complaint?

The GujRERA Appellate Tribunal ruled that if a group of residents were to file a complaint against a real estate developer, this group must be registered as an association. If not, then the group members can bring forth the complaint as individuals only.


Beware of fraud

Last year, police officials arrested some fraudsters who had created a URL similar to GujRERA’s official website with an intent to lure homebuyers.


How to register as a promoter/ agent?


All you need to know about Gujarat RERA


Step 1: If you’ve selected ‘Project Registration’ you’ll be redirected to a new page wherein you’ll have to select the promoter type – Individual or Society/Company/Partnership firm/Trust/Limited liability partnership/Competent authority/HUF.

Step 2: You will be asked your email id and promoter type. These will be verified after you receive an OTP/

Step 3: Fill up with the needed information.


List of documents to be provided by the promoter

  1. Registration certificate of the company.
  2. Promoter’s photograph.
  3. Project head’s photograph.
  4. Project completion certificate (previous project).
  5. Architect certificate (Form 1).
  6. NOC (Form-1A).
  7. Auditor report.
  8. Income tax return acknowledgement.
  9. PAN card copy.
  10. Encumbrance certificate.
  11. Commencement certificate.
  12. Approved building plan/plotting plan.
  13. Approved layout plan.
  14. Performa of sale agreement.
  15. Land document.
  16. Approved sect. Plan/infrastructure plan.
  17. Area development plan.
  18. Performa for allotment letter.
  19. Brochure of the current project.
  20. All NOCs from authorities.
  21. Declaration (Form B).
  22. Performa for sale deed.
  23. Project photo.
  24. Project specification.
  25. 7/12 document.
  26. Title clearance certificate.
  27. Title report
  28. Photograph (block/wing/building/floor).
  29. NOC (Form-1B).
  30. Engineer certificate (Form 2).
  31. CA certificate (Form 3).
  32. Balance sheet (for 3 years).
  33. Profit and loss statement (for 3 years).
  34. Directors’ report (for 3 years).
  35. Cash flow statement (for 3 years)


Documents to be provided by the agent to GujRERA

  • Information of your enterprise, that is – name, registered address, type of enterprise (societies/partnership/company/proprietorship, etc.).
  • Particulars of registration (of proprietorship/partnership/company/society, etc.) including the memorandum of association, bye-laws, articles of association, etc.
  • Name, contact details, address, and a photograph of the real estate agent, whether it is an individual and the name, contact details, address, and photographs of partners, directors, etc.
  • PAN card
  • Address proof of the business

Read Gujarat RERA rules in Gujarati here.


Gujarat RERA latest news updates

Update on April 29, 2021

Amid COVID second wave, Gujarat RERA suspends hearings till mid-May 2021

The Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Gujarat RERA) has decided to suspend hearings till the mid of May 2021, amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next date for the hearings and its mode, would be communicated to those concerned, through its portal.
“Considering the COVID situation, which continues to become more serious by the day, Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority has decided to suspend all offline/online hearings till May 15, 2021,” the Gujarat RERA said, in a circular on April 27, 2021.

The state real estate regulator had earlier suspended all the hearings that were scheduled for April and this has now been further extended till May 15, 2021.



What is RERA Gujarat?

The Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority was formed for the promotion and regulation of the realty sector in Gujarat. For a long time, the sector was unregulated leading to many malpractices across the country. Under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016, all Indian states now have a state regulatory body for the real estate sector.

How to check if the project is registered under GujRERA?

You will details of all the registered projects on the GujRERA website. Go to the ‘registration’ tab and choose ‘projects’ to see the list.

Can I file a complaint against builder/agent online on GujRERA?

Yes, you can file a complaint online. Go to the ‘complaint registration’ tab and do as indicated.

Can I file a complaint against the builder offline

Yes, you can file a complaint against the builder or agent offline. You have to fill Form A and submit it with necessary charges.


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