Story 8: Bridget | Houses of India

A home and a life full of stories, in Khotachiwadi, South Bombay.

Khotachiwadi, the charming heritage village in one of the oldest parts of Bombay, is home to Bridget Misquitta.
This house is about 200 years old, and is a long-standing feature in this part of town. With its colourful exterior and signature green walls, the home has become synonymous with Bridget. One of the oldest residents of Khotachiwadi, Bridget has lived here since the 1970s, when she got married to her husband Alfred, who was the owner. Her love for her home and the community around her, is very evident!


The last owner of the house Bridget now lives in this house. Her Late husband Alfred spent his childhood in this house, and the only time he was away from it was when he moved to Kuwait after got married, and started working there as a machine operator.
Bridget quickly grew fond of her new life, her new husband, and her new home.


After Alfred’s passing, Bridget has been the sole caretaker and occupant of this beautiful home in Khotachiwadi. While she does admit that it can get a little difficult to maintain it, she wouldn’t trade her life for anything in the world.
Bridget now happily spends her twilight years in the company of her old friends in the area. She eagerly looks forward to the Khotachiwadi festival, and Christmas every year, when fellow Catholics get together and keep tradition alive.
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