Chandigarh Housing Board auction receives lukewarm response

Chandigarh Housing Board Schemes: CHB has submitted the detailed concept designs and plans for the government’s approval. The announcement of a new 4BHK scheme will come soon.  

The Chandigarh Housing Board recently auctioned 11 residential (leasehold) and 156 commercial (leasehold), properties which received lukewarm responses from the applicants. The CHB had recently reduced their reserve price by 10% to 20%, after witnessing poor response to a bidding attempt in 2020. These properties are located in Sectors 51, 63, 38 (west), 39 and Manimajra. The commercial properties are located in Manimajra, Sectors 51 and 61 and Maloya. According to media reports, only two residential units and 12 commercial units have been allotted to the bidders. The remaining units will be allotted through a fresh e-tender.

Meanwhile, in a bid to provide quality and premium housing options at an affordable price, the CHB is holding talks with consultants, to construct 4BHK flats for its next housing scheme. The project will come up in proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. The flats will be constructed in seven-storey towers, with two floors of basement parking. There will be over 700 apartments in these towers.

Earlier, the authority scrapped one of its costliest general housing schemes, due to poor response from people. According to the Board, only 178 applications were received for the housing scheme that offered 3BHK flats for Rs 1.63 crores, 2BHK for Rs 1.36 crores, 1BHK for Rs 90 lakhs and economically weaker section units for Rs 50 lakhs, in Sector 53. The plan was to construct around 500 homes in different categories, which was to be finalised on the basis of interest from the applicants. With the scheme cancelled, the Housing Board will refund the processing fee soon.

The Board is planning another new housing scheme, with greater floor area ratio, to attract home buyers. The plan is pending for approval from the Board.


About Chandigarh Housing Board

With an intention of providing quality housing options at reasonable prices to the citizens of Chandigarh, the CHB was established by extending the Haryana Housing Board Act, 1971, to the city. The board has constructed more than 60,000 houses in various parts of the city, under different categories. According to the CHB, around 25% of the population in the city stay in housing options provided by it. The Board comes out with housing schemes occasionally, to invite applications from the interested buyers and allot homes, accordingly.

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CHB need-based changes

The Chandigarh Housing Board, on March 8, 2021, approved the extension of the deadline for regularisation of need-based changes, to December 31, 2021. Since the union territory’s administration has decided not to offer any amnesty scheme for large-scale violations in the CHB-allotted homes, the deadline for allowing need-based changes was extended by another year, subject to the payment of applicable charges.

Applicants can apply for the changes, by submitting the following documents and the application to the CHB’s office, which will then be forwarded to the Architect Division of the Board.


List of documents required

  1. Form A (where additional construction/changes are existing) or Form B (where fresh additional construction/changes are proposed).
  2. Drawing from the empaneled architect.
  3. Structural stability certificate of the empaneled structural engineer.
  4. Mutual consent of all the allottees in the building, in case there is an additional construction rear the courtyard, terrace, etc., or any internal changes such as additional door, etc., or coverage of corridor in HIG category.
  5. Clearance from the Chief Fire Office, in case of grill/grazing in the balcony.

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Changes in building rules

The CHB has also changed the building rules, to allow need-based changes to all allottees.

  1. No additional room on terrace or rear courtyard, covering 100% of the area.
  2. No construction allowed in balconies, beyond the permissible limit.
  3. No encroachment on government land by constructing rooms.
  4. No construction of rooms allowed with the support of existing pillars.
  5. No fixing of grills beyond the permissible limit.
  6. Increasing the size of gates not allowed, without proper permission.

Also, if the Board demolishes any illegal encroachment of a dwelling unit, the owner has to pay the recovery cost, along with 18% GST. If the owner fails to pay the cost to the CHB before the due date, the allotment will be deemed cancelled by the Board after the due date.


CHB contact details

CHB helpline number – +91-172-4601827 or can

Email your query to


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