All you need to know about Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

The Delhi Development Authority is responsible for urban development of the national capital. We look at the main functions of the DDA and some facts about the agency

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has played a key role in shaping the skyline of the national capital. From DDA housing schemes to land allotment, the agency has efficiently managed the rising demand for housing, social infrastructure and public amenities in Delhi. To keep up with technological advancements, the Authority adopted new innovations that not just improved efficiency of the administration but also cut down on the time taken to process applications.


Delhi Development Authority (DDA)


Role of the DDA

The DDA was formed in 1957, with the intention of promoting development in Delhi. The Authority single-handedly manages, plans, develops and constructs housing projects and commercial lands in the national capital. It also provides public amenities, such as parks, roads, bridges, drains, community centres and sports centres. The Authority is also responsible for designing the master plan for the national territory and to regulate structured development. The DDA also identifies new land that can be developed into residential properties and creates self-contained colonies to provide ample space for commercial and retail complexes.


Functions of the DDA

Pioneering urban development

The Authority formulates the master plan for the city to ensure balanced development, by creating new residential extension areas that are self-contained and provide a healthy and secure environment. The DDA has created five master plans so far, the latest one being Master Plan 2041. The first master plan was created in 1962, which was revised in 1982. The Master Plan 2001 and 2021 were created at later stages, to cater to the rising population.

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Creating a metropolis infrastructure

According to the DDA’s official portal, the Authority has so far acquired over 67,000 acres of land, out of which 59,504 acres have already been developed.

Land use Total land
Residential 30,000 acres
Industrial 3,250 acres
Horticulture 8,890 acres
Government and semi-government/public facilities 10,512 acres
Slum development 6,583 acres
Cooperative societies 5,806 acres
Narela project 295 acres
Delhi-Noida bridge 87 acres
DDA land bank 1,013 acres

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Developing commercial facilities

The DDA is also responsible for creating decentralised commercial spaces and workplaces near residential areas.

Type of space Numbers and population served
District centres, with spaces for shopping, commercial offices, cinemas, hotels, guest houses, service industries, bus terminals, telephone exchanges and post and telegraph offices. 7, each serving a population of up to 10 lakhs and above
Community centres, with spaces for shopping, offices, cinemas, hotels, service industries, post offices, dispensaries and weekly markets. 27, serving a population of up to 5 lakhs
Convenient shopping centres, with spaces for shopping, informal shops, commercial offices, community halls and libraries, etc. 125, serving a population of up to 50,000
Local shopping centres, with spaces for shopping (retail, service, repair) and informal shopping. 429, serving a population of up to 1 lakh.

Source: DDA official website


Institutional and industrial development

The Authority has, so far, allotted land to various institutions for social, educational, cultural and religious purposes. Some of these landmark institutions are at Siri Fort, the Qutab Institutional area, etc. Also, various industrial areas, catering to almost 12,000 units, have been developed in all corners of the city.

Building a greener and healthier Delhi

The DDA is also responsible for providing a healthier environment, by keeping extensive open spaces and retaining green belts and forests. This also includes creation of sports facilities in the city.

Amenities Total number
Regional parks 4
City forests 25
District parks 111
Neighbourhood parks 225
Playing fields 28
Sports complexes 12
Fitness trails 20
Multi-gyms 16
18-hole golf course 1


Maintaining historical monuments

The DDA also protects Delhi’s unique historical monuments. Delhi has about 1,321 listed monuments which are maintained by the DDA.

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Facts about the DDA

  • The DDA was the first development authority formed in Independent India.
  • As Delhi is a union territory, land is the subject of the union. This is the reason why the DDA is under the central government and not the state government.
  • Delhi’s lieutenant governor is the de-facto chairman and the nominative head of the body.
  • Delhi is one of the greenest national capitals in the world.
  • The DDA has brought many of its services online in the recent past. This includes allotment of housing units, online application for housing schemes, application for land pooling policy, etc.



Is DDA under the Delhi government?

The DDA falls under the purview of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Is DDA under central government?

Yes, the DDA is under the central government.

How to contact the DDA?

You can contact the DDA at 011-24690431/24690435 or visit its office at Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023.

When was the DDA founded?

The DDA was established in 1957.


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