All about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)

The Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA) in Andhra Pradesh has many administrative, developmental, financial, land and housing development-related responsibilities that it undertakes from time to time. We discuss the role of the GUDA and its jurisdiction

The Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA) has two municipal corporations, five municipalities, one nagar panchayat and 362 gram panchayats in 29 mandals within its jurisdiction and covers 2,749 sq kms. The Authority was formed via a government order by the Andhra Pradesh government in 2017. The very next year, its jurisdiction was expanded. In this article, we will discuss the powers, functions and responsibilities of the GUDA whose office is in Kakinada.


Administrative powers of GUDA

  • Execution of any development or scheme, where the funds may be used from the Development Fund, either partially or fully.
  • Coordination with the Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation (APTC), the Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd (SPDC), the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), Roads and Buildings Department, Housing Corporation, Housing Board, Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd and other similar bodies.
  • Delegation of powers for the execution of projects
  • Fast-track projects and issues, such as project delays or problems encountered pertaining to utilisation of funds. It also works towards problems raised by the committee.
  • Enter into contracts, agreements or arrangements from time to time.
  • Sanction and recruitment of staff for the Authority, with government’s nod.
  • Hold meetings at regular intervals.

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Development and regulation-related tasks of GUDA

Besides the above-mentioned, the GUDA also undertakes area level plans, development of infrastructure and common amenities for the public, environment conservation, transport-related developments and also reviews and approves action plans of different departments and agencies. This includes monitoring and implementation of affordable housing policies, as well as work towards development and creation of job opportunities.


Financial responsibility of GUDA

Investments that are environment-friendly, levy and collection of fees towards development works, management of the Development Fund and its allocation, come under the financial duties of the GUDA.


Land-related tasks undertaken by GUDA

Acquisition of land through rehabilitation and resettlement are undertaken by the GUDA. Additionally, land acquisition can happen through purchase, exchange, gift, lease mortgage, and negotiated settlements, as well. Land acquisition may be required for a host of reasons – for example, public use, civic centres, office complexes, township development and infrastructure development.

Another important function of the GUDA is to take up land pooling and town planning schemes. Similarly, when land acquisition takes place, the GUDA also needs to provide rehabilitation alternatives for the displaced.


GUDA and planning of the city

To ensure a planned development, the GUDA also prepares or revises the Perspective Plan (PP), Master Plan (MP), Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) or Area Development Plan or Zonal Development Plan.

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GUDA-approved layouts 

To ensure that you are investing in an authority-approved layout, make sure you visit the GUDA’s official website. Here is how you can check the same:

Step 1: Log on to the official website of GUDA or click here.

Step 2: On the home page, you will see the icon named ‘Approved layouts’. Click on it to view the list of approved layouts. These include ones approved manually, DT and CP-approved layouts approved through APDPMS, DTCPO-approved layouts and RDTP-approved layouts.


Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)


Unapproved layouts and unauthorised constructions in GUDA jurisdiction

To avoid investing in an unapproved, illegal plot, check the GUDA website for clarity. On the homepage, you will see an icon labelled ‘Unapproved layouts’. Click on it to see a list of such layouts and avoid heading for these.


Godavari Urban Development Authority


From time to time, the GUDA also publishes a list of unauthorised layouts or non-layouts that are identified by the Vigilance and Enforcement Department.




Latest development works undertaken by GUDA

Development of island at Achampet Junction, Kakinada (2nd Call)
Construction of platform for erection of TTLA Airframe (HPT-32) in NTR Beach park at Kakinada
Forming approach pathway to aircraft platform in NTR Beach park at Kakinada
Construction of precast compound wall around site for aircraft museum at NTR Beach park at Kakinada
Modification of the chairman’s chamber in the zonal office, GUDA, at Rajamahendravaram
Providing digital display boards for GUDA circle at Lalacheruvu Junction at Rajamahendravaram


How to regularise layouts through the LRS Scheme 2020?

The Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS) is a mandatory disclosure scheme, through which unapproved plots/ layouts are brought into the planning fold and thereby, provided with basic facilities for better quality of life for the citizens. To regularise your layout, simply follow these steps. Note that applicants can apply directly by registering on the LRS Portal or through the website of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

Step 1: Log on to the official website or DTCP website.


All about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)


Step 2: Go to Online Services and proceed to LRS Application Form Service


Godavari LRS Scheme 2020


Step 3: Enter the applicant’s details.


LRS Scheme 2020


All about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)


Step 4: Enter the details of the layout.


All about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)


Step 5: Upload all the required documents.


All about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)


Different mandals under GUDA

  1. Rajamahendravaram Urban Mandal
  2. Kakinada Urban Mandal
  3. Rajamahendravaram Rural Mandal
  4. Rajanagaram Mandal
  5. Korukonda Mandal
  6. Rangampeta Mandal
  7. Gandepalli Mandal
  8. Peddapuram Mandal
  9. Samalkot Mandal
  10. Kakinada Mandal
  11. Pedapudi Mandal
  12. Karapa Mandal
  13. Tallarevu Mandal
  14. Pithapuram Mandal
  15. Gollaprolu Mandal
  16. U Kothapalli Mandal
  17. Jaggampeta Mandal
  18. Kirlampudi Mandal
  19. Yeleswaram Mandal
  20. Prathipadu Mandal
  21. Sankhavaram Mandal
  22. Thondangi Mandal
  23. Atreyapuram Mandal
  24. Kadiam Mandal
  25. Seethanagaram Mandal
  26. Biccavolu Mandal
  27. Anaparthi Mandal
  28. Mandapeta Mandal
  29. Tuni Mandal
  30. Ramachandrapuram Mandal
  31. Ravulapalem Mandal



When was the purview of GUDA expanded?

In 2018, the purview of GUDA was expanded from 2,183 sq kms to 2,740.3 sq kms. Villages from Tuni and Ramachandrapuram municipalities were merged into it. The number of villages that came under the urban body, thus, increased from 280 to 354.

How do I contact GUDA?

You can contact the vice-chairman of the GUDA, A Raveendranath, at 884 2344122 or write to them at This is information as of January, 2021.

When was the GUDA formed?

The Godavari Urban Development Authority was established in 2017.


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