Green buildings in India deliver USD 12 in health benefits, for every USD 1 energy saved

Certified green buildings in India deliver an additional health and climate benefit of USD 12, for every dollar in energy savings, a recent survey has revealed

According to a study ‘HEALTHfx’ by the Harvard University that examined LEED-certified buildings in six countries, additional health and climate benefits amounted to USD 12, for every dollar in energy savings in India. The study examined LEED-certified buildings in countries like India, China, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and the US.

“In India, LEED-certified projects saved more than USD 72 million in energy costs and reduced greenhouse gases and emissions by more than 800 kilo tons, with nearly USD 900 million in estimated public health co-benefits,” it said.

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United Technologies’ chief sustainability officer, John Mandyck said, “Considering that India will be building new floor space, equivalent to the city of Jaipur every two years, to accommodate expected urbanisation, there is a significant opportunity here and the measurable health co-benefits, which is identified by this new research.”


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