One has to work very hard to buy a house in Mumbai: Actress Saumya Tandon

Actress Saumya Tandon speaks to News about her home-buying experience in Mumbai – a spacious five-bedroom home in Andheri west, which reflects her artistic side, with ample greenery to unwind at the end of a long day

House-hunting can be a daunting task in Mumbai, admits actress Saumya Tandon, who recently bought a five-bedroom flat in Andheri west. “In Mumbai, it is a dream to own your own house. This is my second house. I have taken a loan and have worked very hard, to be able to afford this house. Property acquisition is the best investment I have ever done and it has been a natural progression in life. My new house is very well-connected. It is a walking distance away from a shopping mall and theatre and it is not far from the highway. In terms of its location, it is perfect,” says Tandon.


Compromising and prioritising are crucial for buying a dream home, says Tandon

While everyone wishes for a home with a beautiful view, in reality this may not be possible. It is not easy to find a home that offers a scenic view, as well as ample area and good connectivity, she adds.

“One has to compromise on some aspects and prioritise the things that matter most,” says Tandon, who bought the house through a real estate agent, who helped her buy her first house in Goregaon. “I have known him for the last ten years and he is well aware of my taste. It took me six months to zero-in on the new property because I was shooting and could spend only two days a month, for checking the houses. He would line-up all the houses, so that I could visit them over the weekend,” recounts the actress and television host, who is a part of the popular TV show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai.

She has also co-hosted the Bournvita Quiz Contest, along with Derek O’Brien for three seasons and other shows such as Mallika E Kitchen seasons 2, 3 and 4 and was also seen in in the movie Jab We Met.


Renovation, to create functional spaces

“I have largely designed the house myself and decorating it is an ongoing process it. I have an architect for structural planning, as an expert can guide me better on whether modification is possible or advisable. I did not really follow Vastu principles, except for the basics for the kitchen and the bedroom, vis-à-vis the position of the bed,” says Tandon. As she likes to cook, the kitchen is well-equipped, with modern appliances and grills. The classy main door of the house, is crafted from wood, with plants outside the door. The second door, made from glass, has an exquisite handmade painting made by her mother.

The actress, who plans to shift into her new home in a few months, has joined two rooms to make one master bedroom, with one separate room designed as a walk-in closet. “I design my own clothes and over a period of time, thanks to my profession, I have collected a lot of clothes. So, in my new house, I have opted to make a huge walk-in wardrobe, with sections for long gowns, lehangas and separate storage for clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. I have also designed a dressing table, which has a mirror and drawers to keep my makeup. The space is well-lit and I have selected a stylish chair, for seating,” Tandon explains.


A space to relax

When it comes to relaxing, Tandon says that she likes to sit in the balcony and enjoy a cup of tea in the morning. “My balcony in this house and even the new one, will be a space to unwind. I have lots of plants in my Goregaon house and my Andheri house will be similar. In the concrete jungle we live in, I value small open spaces, with greenery, as it makes the space soothing. I sometimes just sit quietly with a book, surrounded by plants, to feel connected with nature,” Tandon concludes.


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