Gurgaon Sector 79 property market: An overview

Sector 79 is a cosmopolitan suburban are located at the extreme end of southern Gurgaon. This region boasts of a growing real estate market

Gurgaon Sector 79 has a very urban culture, with approximately 70% of the population speaking Hindi and English. The increasing cosmopolitan nature of the city is the result of migration from other parts of Gurgaon. This has resulted in an increase in the cost of Gurgaon Sector 79 real estate.


In the past 5 years, the city has witnessed huge development. Here, mainly luxury residential complexes and studio apartments are available. Apartments in Sector 79 range from 1-BHK to 4-BHK, which are well-furnished with latest designs and amenities.


Leading builders in Gurgaon Sector 79 like Mapsko Group, Supertech Limited and Bestech Group are predominantly active in this area. Therefore, there is an easy availability of 2 and 3-BHK housing units.


Connectivity with nearby Gurgaon Sector 79 localities

  • Well-connected to Gurgaon via NH-48.
  • Gurgaon Bus Stop is the only important bus stop of this area and is good for traveling to the nearest areas.
  • Connected to Delhi via NH-48, Haryana and Ghaziabad via National Highway NH-9.


Schools in Gurgaon Sector 79 and other social amenities

Schools in Gurgaon Sector 79 include reputed ones like Jai Bharti Public School and Government Primary School. Some well-known colleges in Gurgaon Sector 79 are Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics and Indraprasth Institute of Management. Leading hospitals in Gurgaon Sector 79 include DLF Primary Health Centre and Shri Balaji Hospital. Supertech Mart is among the major shopping malls in Gurgaon Sector 79.


Physical infrastructure in Gurgaon Sector 79

Mapsko Mount Ville, Supertech Araville and Bestech Park View Altura are quite popular and come among the top apartments in Gurgaon Sector 79. Affordable homes are being constructed for changing the landscape of Gurgaon and many such 1 and 2-BHK apartments in Gurgaon Sector 79 are coming up under Haryana Affordable Housing Policy 2013. Sector 79 is one of the fastest-growing suburban areas with first class infrastructure and facilities for daily living.


Price trends in Gurgaon Sector 79

The average price trends in Gurgaon Sector 79 revolve around Rs 5,000 to 7,000 per sq ft, with the average rate being Rs 6,840 per sq ft. While the higher range is around Rs 10,852 per sq ft, the lower range is around Rs 6,225 per sq ft.


Reasons to invest in Gurgaon Sector 79

Considering the price trends in Gurgaon Sector 79 and the rising demand from buyers, the area should prove to be a good investment. Excellent social infrastructure and good connectivity are the eminent factors behind Sector 79’s fast growth. Sector 79 is one of the most affordable locations in the suburbs. Apartments ranging from high to low price rates are available in this region. From good colleges, hospitals, malls to modern infrastructures, inhabitants are provided with abundant choices of amenities. Hence, investing in Sector 79 is a good choice for any property seeker.

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