Home décor trends that will define 2020

As the year 2019 comes to an end, here’s a look at the home décor trends that are likely to be popular in 2020 and what will become outdated

Colours play an important role, when designing or renovating the interiors of a home. One has to not only consider the colours on the walls, but also of the furnishings. According to Prachi Chavarkar, co-founder of ArchiLab Designs, the colours that will rule in 2020, will be those that are inspired by nature. Hence, colours like green, blue, yellow and shades of the earth, will dominate the interiors.


2020 to witness décor inspired by nature and wellness

Over the last decade people have become increasingly conscious about the environment. As a result, many eco-friendly options are being used in interiors and these demands will increase in 2020. “Indoor plants will be a big trend, as they have a calming effect and also some indoor plants improve the air quality. Herb and vegetable gardens and vertical gardens, will be used to create soothing interiors with aesthetic appeal. Using succulents is a great alternative, in regions with water shortages. These are also space efficient and can highlight a plain wall. Self-watering planters are also now easily available, to ensure that the plants do not dry out when one is travelling. Pots made from rice hulls and natural binding agents, which are bio-degradable, are gaining popularity,” adds Chavarkar.

Energy saving LED lights are likely to become the norm. Reducing energy consumption by using natural screens, shading devices over the windows and pergolas to cool homes, will become more popular. Also, awareness of usage of recycled materials, will increase in 2020. “When it comes to soft furnishings, 2020 will see sustainable and natural materials, such as suede, marble and leather. Natural prints, with dark neutral bases, will bring a sense of harmony to space. For example, printed textures with overlays, can spruce-up and add depth to the interior space,” explains Krish Kothari, creative head and founder of Krish Kothari Designs.


Less is more

Minimalism is emerging as a big trend globally and this concept is being adopted by Indians too. “They are becoming conscious about the need for open spaces and the idea that one’s home is one’s sanctuary. Call it a response to societal chaos or the need for freedom, in 2020, the concept of ‘less is more’ will become more prevalent. We will also see a trend towards open floor plans that make the space appear larger. Biophilia is another popular trend expected in the new year that incorporates human design and natural elements, in a way that does not seem mass-produced. Contemporary luxury homes are all about getting back and giving back to nature. Taking a cue from 2019, the Scandi style look (layered with different textures to give the look depth) and the retro fusion theme, will continue to influence interior designs this year too,” adds Kothari.

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A metallic touch to brighten-up homes

Wallpapers, with asymmetrical patterns and random patterns creating symmetry, which are perfect for people who want to stick to minimalism, will continue to be in vogue. “Asymmetrical shapes will also be popular for area rugs and framed artwork. Additionally, the use of metals, such as silver, gold, tin and copper inlays on walls, will be a trend to watch out for in 2020. Natural materials like marble, are making a huge comeback in contemporary designs,” says Kothari.


Impact of technological on home décor to increase

The impact of technology on interior design, is likely to increase, with the adoption of smart home devices. “User experience will be enhanced with the use of various design tools and users will be able to get a 3D look at what their home would look like. This will also give them the freedom to browse through various designs with the designers. Furniture that can be remotely controlled is trending and the same will be easily available to the masses in the year ahead,” maintains Anu Aggarwal, assistant vice-president, Housejoy.

Seamless designs that serve multiple purposes, will be in demand. “Space-saving furniture designs with simple, trendy and playful outlines, will meet neutral colours. Also straight-line concepts, especially for sofas and couches and the use of more velvets as fabric, will be in. Wooden log tables and chairs will also emerge as favourites, given their raw and rustic look,” claims Aggarwal.


A bright 2020

“Interior lighting concepts will evolve according to moods, settings and the surrounding area, creating an ambiance that can be adjusted according to the home owner’s needs. Lighting is expected to move towards wireless technology. We will see a lot of geometric designs and bold shapes. Curved, stark outlines and refurbished vintage lighting, will also make a comeback,” concludes Aggarwal.


Home décor trends that will define 2019

As the year 2018 comes to an end, here’s a look at the home décor trends that are likely to be popular in 2019 and what will become outdated

December 29, 2018: Home owners often take into account the prevalent décor trends, while doing up their personal spaces. With the new year approaching, experts maintain that bold trends will be in vogue in 2019. “One can expect deep, dark colours, including black, to rule in 2019. People are likely to incorporate these dark colours with neutral shades, to balance the décor and and elegance to the room. For example, one can highlight one wall with black and paint the ceiling and the other walls with lighter, neutral shades.

“Orange and autumn white, yellow and daisy white, ultra blue and light blue, and black and gold, are some colour combinations are expected to be trending in 2019,” says Minal Srivastava, VP, marketing, Shalimar Paints Ltd.


Statement walls to be a popular trend in 2019

Pop art, ethnic Indian motifs and colourful geometrical patterns are likely to be popular styles for highlighting the walls, in 2019. Abstract art will also be increasingly seen on wallpapers, wall murals and soft furniture, and so will textured finishes and artistic patterns.


Home décor trends that will define 2019


“2019 is likely to see a return of checkered and multi-textured stone tiling of various patterns, combined with lighting, to create glowing interiors. The tiles can be placed on the walls along with photo frames containing inspirational quotes and images, which was quite a trend in 2018. We can see this style continue into 2019. Typography, through geometric lettering of phrases will be used, to give a bold, funky look,” states Abraham Santosh, head designer, Elegancia.

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Natural elements in home décor to increase in 2019

Adding a touch of green to the home, is also a trend that is growing. Vertical gardens not only look beautiful and add green cover to a wall but also help in efficient utilisation of space. “Green foliage in the form of green walls, is a trend that is rapidly catching on, It is an attractive way of incorporating nature in households. Also green walls help in purifying the air,” explains Hemil Parikh, founder of Elysium Abodes LLP.


Home décor trends that will define 2019


Home owners seek eco-friendly materials

Home owners are likely to opt for natural, bio-degradable, recycled and sustainable materials. Doormats made of coconut coir and carpets from jute, which are bio-degradable, are now being preferred. Cotton bed covers, earthen pots, products made of jute, khadi materials, sugar cane fiber mats and naturally-dyed products are all becoming trendy.

“Use of bamboo, terracotta and hempcrete bricks made out of the woody part of plants mixed with lime binder and timber, is slowly increasing. Technology and sustainability will gain steam in 2019. We are also seeing an increase in solar-powered devices and rainwater harvesting,” adds Santosh.


Demand for multi-functional furniture to increase

With the innovative variations in furniture design, multi-functional furniture pieces have become popular. “The furniture pieces work extremely well with small spaces and can make a small space appear large. Furniture like ottomans and poufs having concealed storage options, have also transformed the design industry in recent times,”adds Parikh.


Home automation and its impact on décor

Home automation has progressed by leaps and bounds, providing convenience, comfort and security to the end-user and enhancing home owners’ quality of life. “Homes are heading towards an automated environment. Kitchen automation will gain popularity in the upcoming year. Some of the well-known brands are entering homes and this means that there will be more appliances will distinctive looks, with LCD or LED displays,” adds Santosh.


Timeless décor

Many home owners are increasingly using multiple lighting options like wall scones, chandeliers, indirect lights, drop metal lights and ceiling lights, to brighten up the space. With the preference for LED lights increasing, it is time to ditch some old décor styles such as the Edison bulbs.


Home décor trends that will define 2019


Nevertheless, some traditional décor elements will remain in demand. For example, velvet fabric which has a royal appeal and softness, is here to stay. Velvet can look classy, when uses as upholstery for sofas, pillows, chairs or even on the walls of a room. Similarly, home décor items associated with good luck and positive aura, such as the laughing Buddha, wind chimes, aromatherapy candles, crystals, mirrors, bamboo and Tulsi plants, aquariums, are unlikely to disappear from homes.


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