Is PG a good option for students?

We look at the factors that make paying guest (PG) accommodation attractive for the student population

Enrolments across India’s premium educational institutions for higher education, have grown remarkably in the past decade. This tremendous growth in the student population, makes it impossible for educational institutes to provide lodging to all students. This is where paying guest (PG) accommodations come into the picture. What makes this kind of housing really attractive for the student population?


PGs are comparatively secure

PGs are usually maintained by professional facility management companies and have strict guidelines, to ensure the safety of its residents. Most of these housing options do not allow outsiders and have modest cut-off times. The facility management companies also provide round-the-clock security assistance and guards, for the safety of the residents and the property. Moreover, doctors may also be available, on-call.


Provision of food in PGs

Most of the PG accommodations offer meal facility for the lodgers, typically twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Some providers may also have a common kitchen facility, where students can cook their own food or hire a cook to do so. If you have other arrangements, you can also opt out of the food facility. Usually, the charges for meals are included in the rent but you can negotiate, if you want to hire an external service for food, instead of opting for the in-house services.


Is PG a good option for students?


Upkeep and maintenance in PG houses

Generally, the facility management takes care of the maintenance and upkeep of the premises. Students need not to worry about housekeeping services, as everything is looked after by the staff. Usually, the service comes at a cost and is included in the monthly rent. Some of the PG providers may not offer this facility. If you are sharing a room with someone, you can split the cost, if you are hiring a help for cleaning the space.


PG offers a community living experience

As paying guest accommodations are used mostly by students and office-goers, it is easier to forge close bonds while staying together and learn something new from each other. This also creates a feeling of living in a community, which leads to exchange of ideas, cultures, thoughts, etc., which can make these students better citizens.


Things to consider, before finalising on a PG


Some paying guest accommodations may be reserved for a particular gender. In such houses, the owner may not allow friends belonging to the opposite gender, for the security of other housemates. This could be a challenge for students who like to study in a group or plan to work on a class project from the comfort of one’s home/room.



Not every paying guest accommodation offers tasty meals for students. It is important for you to take an informed decision and visit the facility during a meal time, to check the quality of the food. Some PG owners do not allow help and cooks, for safety reasons. Therefore, look for options where you have kitchen facilities and permission to employ maids, cooks, etc., for your ease.



If the PG owner is not asking for your identity and address proof, this could mean that they are offering the lodging facility to anyone, which can be a security threat. Ask your caretaker or landlord about other people living in the facility and how they are ensuring the safety of inmates.


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