Maharashtra seeks reduction in CRZ no-development zone

The Maharashtra government is likely to send a proposal to the centre, seeking a reduction in the no-development zone limit in Coastal Regulation Zone areas, from 500 metres to 200 metres from the coastline

The Maharashtra government is keen on reducing the no-development zone limit in the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) area, to 200 metres from the coastline, against the existing 500 metres, it said on December 21, 2017. The state would be sending a proposal in this regard to the centre, it said.

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Environment minister Ramdas Kadam, speaking in the legislative assembly, said the purpose was to encourage development of ports in the state. As per CRZ norms, no development is permitted in areas less than 500 meters from the coastline.

“We want to develop ports and because of CRZ norms, we cannot do it. If we could revise the distance limit up to 200 meters, it will be helpful for infrastructure development. We will send the proposal to the union government for its approval,” Kadam said, while replying to questions related to the environment.


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