Navi Mumbai: An emerging social hub

Navi Mumbai remains a promising satellite city in terms of price and future growth prospects. Here’s why…

Mega social and infrastructural projects in Navi Mumbai have earned it the tag of one of the most liveable cities in India, as per the government’s Ease of Living Index report that was released early in 2021. The housing market in Navi Mumbai is on the upswing in present times. This is reflected via a slew of big-ticket property deals and infrastructure projects, aimed at catching up with the mushrooming population.


Navi Mumbai: An answer to space crunch in Mumbai city

The island city of Mumbai has long been wearing the tag of a real estate frontrunner. The saturation of space for new-age recreational places in the main city has further encouraged the advent of Navi Mumbai as a top leisure spot. Sub-markets in Navi Mumbai, such as Kharghar, Seawoods and CBD Belapur, tend to offer marked advantages vis-à-vis the more developed locations. This is owing to the rise in residential projects in these areas, in sync with the advanced developments, exceptional future ROI and being equipped with modern social amenities and infrastructure facilities. All these ‘pull factors’ have helped the area to witness good traction from the millennials. Apart from these, another crucial aspect driving prominence in this area is its scope of being a preferred social hub, thus making it a city unlike any other. It distinguishes itself from its counterparts owing to its host of hangout destinations and these have propelled the growth of the city.

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Navi Mumbai: Various recreational destinations

Located in Kharghar, Central Park is one of the well-maintained and plush parks of Navi Mumbai. The park, spread across an area of around 119 acres and the presence of wide, open areas in the vicinity, transforms this region into one of the most coveted recreational destinations in the city. Comprising morning walk-trails, jogging tracks, water sports, cricket and football grounds and sports clubs, it has its prominence when it comes to enhancing the area’s overall livability quotient.

Nerul Rock garden is an artistic landscape carved out of rock caves with attractions like a toy train, vintage statues and bountiful flora, while Wonders Park and Jewel of Navi Mumbai are other recreational spots that feature as the city’s favourite recreational spots.

Kharghar Hills is a must-visit for its green scenic beauty. Parsik Hills in Belapur offers beautiful hiking and trekking options for mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts. Nature lovers can also visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary centered on the historic Karnala Fort. Another popular hangout place to visit is Mini Seashore, for morning walks and jogging.


Navi Mumbai: Self-sufficient

Navi Mumbai also attracts prospective buyers through its architectural offerings, sports amenities like a golf course and recreational facilities like malls and multiplexes. Utsav Chowk is a well-known landmark in Kharghar. Its Greek and Roman styles have managed to attract the city’s growing population. Food lovers can enjoy an assortment of cuisines and street food at the Utsav Chowk and Pub Street. Golf enthusiasts can up their gaming skills at the Kharghar Valley Golf Course which stretches over 100 acres.

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Over the years, the satellite city’s real estate fortunes have shown exceptional growth due to the above reasons. Navi Mumbai today, is hence, a good alternative to the metropolitan city, aiding its residents to live a quality life with spacious abodes, greens and recreational centres.

(The writer is CEO, Adhiraj Constructions Pvt Ltd)


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