NMMC property tax payment: All about Navi Mumbai property tax

In this article, mentioned in detail is everything you should know about the NMMC property tax, a major revenue-generating segment for the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation

NMMC property tax

NMMC property tax is that tax that Navi Mumbai property owners have to pay every year to NMMC. NMMC stands for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) and can be reached on www.nmmc.gov.in. For the municipal body, the revenue generated from the NMMC property tax, is a major source of income that is used for the satellite city’s development works.

Extending the benefits offered to Mumbai to Navi Mumbai city, Maharashtra’s urban development and PWD minister, Eknath Shinde, said that property tax on residential units up to 500 sq ft would be waived off soon in Navi Mumbai also. The civic body has already been mandated to send a proposal on the same to the government. Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, on January 1, 2022, announced a waiver of MCGM property tax with immediate effect on residential units of up to 500 sq ft located within the Mumbai municipal area limits.

Mentioned in this article are the steps to follow to pay your NMMC property tax by logging on to nmmc.gov.in property tax.


Areas under Navi Mumbai property tax regime 

The total area under NMMC’s jurisdiction is 162.5 sq km that is divided into 9 zones. These include Airoli, Belapur, Dahisar, Digha, Ghansoli, Koparkhairane, Nerul, Turbhe and  Vashi.


NMMC property tax payment: Property code search

For making the NMMC property tax offline, you can visit the NMMC headquarters at Belapur. Alternatively, an easier way is to make the NMMC property tax payment online by following the steps mentioned starting from property code search.

For paying your NMMC property tax online, log on to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/property-tax2 and select ‘Property Tax’. You will see a box where you have to enter your ‘property code’ and press ‘search’.


NMMC property tax


Next step for NMMC property tax bill payment online will be when you will be led to a page that will show the owner’s name, the address, type of property, the principal amount to be paid, the penalty (if any) and the outstanding amount of Navi Mumbai property tax.

NMMC property tax online payment

NMMC property tax online payment

To make the Navi Mumbai property tax online payment,click on ‘Pay online’. You will be led to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/property-tax2/-/property/PropertyPayment where you can see the item code, customer name and the amount. Do note that NMMC property tax online payment that is made after the due date will invite ‘Delay Payment Charges (DPC)’. You can make the NMMC property tax online payment using various options like net banking, credit card or debit card, NEFT/RTGS, etc.


NMMC property tax payment

NMMC property tax bill: How to view current bill

On www.nmmc.gov.in property tax, to view the current NMMC property tax bill, click on ‘view current bill’. A sample of the NMMC property tax bill is shown below.


NMMC property tax bill


NMMC property tax view ledger

To view the NMMC property tax ledger details, click on ‘View Ledger’ on nmmc.gov.in property tax webpage. You will get a detailed page like the one shown below, with all your ledger details regarding to your property tax Navi Mumbai.


NMMC property tax online


NMMC property tax: How to register for E-demand/ SMS Alert

To register for the SMS alert for your NMMC property tax, click on ‘Register for E-demand/SMS Alert’ and a pop-up box will open where you have to fill in details, including the property code, email ID and mobile number.


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


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NMMC property tax amnesty scheme

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, the NMMC has witnessed a reduction in revenue collected from the NMMC property tax.“Even though confiscation notices have been issued, many Navi Mumbai citizens are still to pay their property tax. The NMMC has been asked to waive the penalty amount from the arrears of property taxpayers and thus, the Abhay Yojana has been implemented, for recovery of the same in a transparent way,” said Abhijeet Bangar, commissioner of the municipal corporation. So, citizens who had not paid their property tax could make their full payment, with only a 25% penalty. The Abhay Yojana which was valid till November 30, 2021 has now been extended till January 31, 2022 after which no respite on NMMC property tax payment will be offered.

To avail amnesty scheme and pay the www.nmmc.gov.in property tax online, go to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/property-tax-amnesty and enter the property code.

NMMC property tax amnesty scheme

Another page will open where you have to enter NMMC property tax payment details including name, property details. You will see the outstanding Navi Mumbai property tax amount with penalty for which NMMC property tax online payment has to be made by selecting on ‘I agree’.

NMMC property tax amnesty scheme

NMMC property tax: How to search property details

To search details about the property or do an NMMC property tax bill search by name,  click on ‘Property Search’ on the NMMC property tax link or go to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/property-search .

You have to enter details, including ward, sector, plot, building, owner first name and owner last name and click on ‘search’. You will get all the property details including property code, owner’s name, address, ward, sector and plot.


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


NMMC property tax calculator

NMMC property tax is charged at a certain percentage of the rateable value of the property (land and building). Rule 7 of Taxation Rules, Chapter-VIII, appended to the MMC Act, 1949, mentions the way in which the rateable value of land and building is to be determined.

“In order to fix the rateable value of any building or land assessable to a property tax, there shall be deducted from the amount of the annual rent for which such land or building might reasonably be expected to let from year to year, a sum equal to 10% of the said annual rent and the said deduction shall be in lieu of all allowances for repairs or on any other account whatever,” states Rule 7.

To manually calculate the NMMC property tax, first know the expected annual rent of your NMMC property. From that you have deduct 10% as statutory deductions and whatever value has been got is the rateable value of your property. Note that NMMC has stated that NMMC property tax value for residential properties is 38.67% of the rateable value and property tax value for non-residential properties is 68.33% of the rateable value. 

To calculate your property’s NMMC property tax, click on https://www.nmmc.gov.in/self-assessment-of-property-tax . You will see a page where you have to enter details, including ward, plot type, group, usage, occupancy status, residential usage description, commercial usage description, industrial usage description and whether it ‘Is tax MTB?’ and click on ‘Compute Property Tax’. Shown below is an example.


NMMC property tax calculator


NMMC property tax: What happens if not paid on time?

If you do not pay the NMMC property tax on time, you will have to pay the Delay Payment Charges (DPC) as per the NMMC rule. So, in addition to the principal NMMC property tax amount, you will also have to pay a penalty. Failure of this also within the due date, could result in strict action being taken by the NMMC.

NMMC property tax online name change 

For changing the name on the NMMC property tax document, there are a few documents that are needed. These include:

  • Last paid receipt of NMMC property tax bill.
  • Attested copy of deed transaction details.
  • No objection certificate from the authorised housing society

NMMC property tax grievance redressal

If you have any grievance with respect to your NMMC property tax, you can register it at https://www.nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/grievance. You will have to first register yourself on the site and then, register the grievance, track the grievance and also give feedback on the grievance.

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Other services under NMMC property tax

You can access the forms of property tax NOC, property transfer form number 1 and 8-A abstract on the NMMC website, by clicking on the citizen facilitation centre forms or logging on to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/citizen-facilitation-center-forms.

Click on the NMMC property tax NOC to get the form that can be seen below.


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


Click on property transfer form no 1 to avail of property transfer or go to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/assets/251/2018/10/mediafiles/property_transfer_form_1.pdf for property transfer.


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


Click on 8-A abstract or go to https://www.nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/assets/251/2020/01/mediafiles/8Aabstract.pdf to access the 8-A abstract form.


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


NMMC property tax: Everything you need to know


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NMMC property tax contact details

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Ground Floor, Sector-15 A,

Palm Beach Junction, CBD Belapur,

Navi Mumbai,




Under which corporation does the NMMC property tax fall?

NMMC property tax falls under the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

What are the advantages of paying NMMC property tax online?

Paying NMMC property tax online saves time and effort.


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