Online portals for renovating homes becoming popular

With e-commerce making its way into almost every aspect of urban life, the arduous ritual of decorating or renovating homes, is now just a click away

Plan to redo your house? Home owners, nowadays, can take the services of several online portals, which act as a single-point contact to attend to all possible requirements of redoing a house. These portals spare customers the trouble of hiring carpenters or browsing through magazines for ideas, thereby, making the process less tiresome.

“Home décor is considered to be a tedious activity. So, the mushrooming of such online platforms is a welcome change, as it gives consumers the luxury of choosing a designer while sitting in the comfort of their home,” says Ritu Malhotra, co-founder of Renomania, an online platform for home designing and building.


How online renovation platforms work

The platforms make extensive use of technology, to provide customers with a comprehensive and yet, compact service. Online renovation, not only offers a lot of variety but also saves time, making the process much more relaxed and user friendly.

With options of virtual reality (VR) and 3D technology becoming increasingly accessible, it is only a matter of a few clicks and customers are able to see the final images of their redecorated homes, even before the process actually begins. This gives them an opportunity to decide exactly what they want.

Urban Ladder, for instance, has developed an interior design tool, where furniture can be dragged and dropped to create a 3D view of the room in question. The tool has been connected to Google Cardboard, for the customer to explore the room in VR.

“With the power of technology, we are able to generate real-time output, so that the customers can actually visualise how their homes would look. These images, rendered to full quality, give a visually realistic sense to the customer, on how their homes would look,” says Rajiv Srivatsa, COO and co-founder, Urban Ladder.


Choosing the right design and finish, while renovating your home

Besides offering facilities online, Bengaluru-based HomeLane also has ‘experience centres’ in several cities (including Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai), to educate their customers, considering the nascent stage of the industry. “Customers can visit our experience centres, to get professional inputs on the process and then take a call. We educate our customers on materials, finishes, processes and choices, so that they may make informed decisions,” says Rama, co-founder of HomeLane.

The brand hosts a virtual design platform, ‘SpaceCraft’, which aids one with relevant designs for their home, with the option to iterate design and other elements and see how it affects costs, right away. “So, you get to walk out with a design and a quotation in hand,” says Rama.


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