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Choosing the perfect door for your home is not an easy task, especially when you have so many varieties to pick from. Before deciding on a door for your home, here is what you need to know about it:


Types of doors

Interior doors

Interior doors are used in the internal portion of a house or flat. They are available in a standard size and are light in weight. Most interior doors have a solid core or a hollow core and have different finishes and designs to blend with the interiors of a room.

Exterior doors

These are sturdy and durable. They are custom made to suit the size of a home but are also available in standard size for apartments. Since they serve the purpose of safety, they are heavy and have a locking system or multiple locks. Some doors are specially treated to prevent damage from the environment as they are exposed to dust, insects, etc.


Types of material used for room doors

Stylish doors can be bought from a variety of readymade options in the market, or it can be made to order. Depending upon the manufacturing material, here are some of the common door types that you can use at your home:

Timber/wood doors

These doors are easily available in local markets, or can be made with the help of a carpenter. Wood and timber doors are ideal for the exteriors or the main door, as it is sturdier than any other material.

Glass doors

Glass doors are usually placed at the rear of the house, as it provides an unhindered view of the backyard or garden. These are usually heavier and more expensive than other doors.

Steel doors

Steel doors are a perfect substitute for wooden doors. Steel doors are long lasting, require minimum maintenance and are available in beautiful shades.

PVC doors

The benefits of PVC doors, are that they are termite-proof, durable, anti-corrosive, lightweight and moisture-resistant, as compared to other materials. They are also easier to install.


Different types of designer room doors 

Framed and paneled doors

These types of doors are usually made of wood but the shutter panel is made of timber, plywood or hardboard, etc. These doors can be made with decorative designs, according to your preference.

French doors

Normally used to demarcate the living room from a terrace or balcony, French doors have frames of transparent panels and surrounded by translucent material or glass. The glass allows for enjoying the views. The doors are often styled in different ways with an intention to maximise light in a room. Such doors have two hinge-hung doors that swing towards one another. French doors are ideal for music rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, etc.

Folding doors

Folding doors are usually used in closets, laundry rooms and other kinds of small spaces, as they are perfect for compact areas, such as kitchen dividers. Such doors fold in different sides and sometimes work as perfect, unhindered, invisible partition between spaces.

Flush doors

These are the most commonly used regular doors in a home. With a completely flat design, these are quite affordable too. Flush doors are simple doors with smooth surfaces on both sides. Such doors are minimalist in style and can be used anywhere.

Sliding doors

Doors that glide on a rail – can be pushed or pulled. Sliding doors are very common, where the home owners intends to save valuable floor space. However, such doors need space at the left or right of each door. Sliding doors are usually made of glass, or wood and can work as house dividers while blending with modern décor.

Pocket doors

These are commonly used, where space is limited. Unlike sliding doors, pocket doors can be slid into the wall itself, rather than the side of the wall.

Hinged doors

Conventional doors are connected to a frame with a hinge. They can be operated inward or outward.


Types of finishing for doors

Stain finish

Such finish is often used for solid wood doors, with adequate wood grain and in a variety of colours. Stain finish renders a warm, classic look that adds to the charm of living in bungalows and villas.

Paint finish

This is the most simple approach, to add a dash of colour and charm to interior doors and even to get them aligned with the harmony of your home. Many wooden doors are painted with a white base, which necessitates painting the interior doors with colours that are aligned with the overall décor of the house.


How to pick a door?

  1. Before selecting the door, decide its placement and whether you want the door to open inwards or outwards. Ideally, room doors should always open into the room and not outside, as it will hinder movement, whenever the door opens.
  2. Always get the measurements/specifications correct. If possible, get an interior designer to measure the dimensions or an experienced carpenter.
  3. The main door of the house should be placed such that visitors can see the home’s entrance. Choose a sturdy material for the main door and the gate as it will be difficult to undo and more secure.
  4. Choosing the right material is very important. While wood is classy and elegant, the maintenance can be expensive as it requires polishing at regular intervals to make it look as good as new.
  5. Metal doors are sturdy and durable but may not appeal to all. Other materials like PVC, UPVC are available in attractive designs but are not very durable.
  6. It is always practical to choose a door that has low maintenance. In case of harsh weather, the door must be able to withstand the climatic changes.
  7. Position your doors and windows in such a way that it allows cross-ventilation in the house. For this, you have to ensure that the frame and the hinges are of high quality, so that there is no damage to the door due to the breeze.


Door design ideas in pictures

Here are some designs of different types of doors that you can choose for your modern / traditional homes. Most of these doors are for rooms, while few can be used as front doors, as well. The single-leaf door is the most commonly used variety in most homes. Nevertheless home owners can also find variations in the basic design, which you can pick to give your home a distinct look. For your bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and other places where a little privacy is required, you can opt for frosted glass doors. Sliding doors are ideal for saving space, especially in the living room and dining space, or even in the kitchen.

  1. You cannot go wrong with simple, traditional wooden doors. And you don’t have to do much to make them look great.
Perfect room door designs for your home


A single sheet of veneer pasted on your door is enough to make it look good.

Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home


You can select a quiet veneer to go with the rest of your furniture or something with a bold grain to make the door stand out.

Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home



Perfect room door designs for your home



Door design ideas for bedroom

Check out the latest door designs for bedrooms:

Bedroom Door Design Ideas


Bedroom Door Design Ideas


Bedroom Door Design Ideas


Bedroom Door Design Ideas


Here are some of the design ideas for decorating your bedroom door:

  • You can use stickers/decals available online, to decorate your bedroom door to make it more alive. These can also be used to cover some damaged parts of the door.
  • You can use multiple small mirrors on the door to make your bedroom look larger. This is also another way to shift the flow of energy around your room and create a sense of calm.
  • You can repaint the door using multiple colours and make some interesting motifs, such as geometric ones or make a design that merges seamlessly with the wall beside the door.


Why use a wider door?

Most bedrooms set 30 or 32 inches as the minimum door width. There are homes with a wider door width because of a few reasons like matching the size of the bedroom. If the bedroom is really large, one can have a double door (called a barn door). Wider doors provide easy passage for furniture and ease of accessibility for the residents. A wheelchair should be able to pass through the door easily and so must a mattress for a double bed.


Door design ideas for puja room

Since the puja room is the place for praying and meditation, the door should be soothing and reflect the calming vibes. Most puja room doors are made from wood with embellishments of brass, such as bell and Swastika symbol. According to Vastu, a threshold and double-door are ideal for the puja room. Stained glass doors and laser-cut doors are in trend, with motifs such as Om, lotus, elephant, or Ganesha enhancing the beauty of the door.


Door design ideas for bathroom

Select the right material for your bathroom door. If you are selecting a wooden door, then, ensure that it is resistant to water and humidity. Nowadays one gets fancy PVC (polyvinyl chloride ) doors resembling wood or one can opt for PVC doors with digital prints. If there is a space constraint, a sliding door helps to maximise available space as it does not need extra room to open. Mirror doors have modern appeal and work well in small bathrooms. One can also consider back-lit bathroom doors with soothing lights that can help during night time.


Kids room door design

Doors in the kids’ room can be vibrant and colorful but do not play with too many colours, as the bedroom has to be warm and relaxing. Instead of a single colour sliding door, opt for a floral printed sliding door to enhance the vibrant ambience, if the walls are plain. Today, one gets plenty of options from decal to digital designs for the door. Select as per the kids’ choice, age and the theme of the room. One can also design one side of the door with a white magnetic board, for kids to unleash their creativity. Choose doorknobs without locks, for smaller kids. One can also have door stoppers that fit on top of the door, to protect kids’ fingers from getting hurt.

Paint and add a hoop or goalpost. If your child is interested in a sport, paint his/her room door with black chalkboard paint on the inside. Assemble a basketball backboard and hoop or a picture of a goalpost, paste it on the door.


Door design ideas for kitchen

The right kitchen door design is crucial to make it visually appealing. Kitchen door design are generally made of solid wood, stainless steel, tempered glass, MDF, etc. Frosted or textured glass, combined with wood, is in trend. The door design and colour can be made to blend well with the cabinets, to give the kitchen a cohesive look. Glass doors with metal frames look contemporary and classy. Barn doors or modern sliding doors are apt, for utilising space in a small home. A barn door opens and closes with the help of a rod fixed on the top of the door.


Balcony door designs

With many people spending time working from home, the balcony has emerged as a favourite relaxing space. So, the sliding glass door is apt as it gives a view of the outside from a distance and also lets the natural light in. A simple glass sliding door design with a wooden or metal frame, can match any style of interior decor. If privacy is an issue, then, choose a frosted textured door. Depending on the space in the balcony, you can choose a sliding door, sliding and folding door or casement door, which opens inside and outside.


Main door design ideas for home

The main door is most important for safety and security and also as per Vastu Shastra, this is the entry point of positive energy into the home. Wooden main doors are classy and never go out of style. Wooden doors can be simple, ornate or combined with metal. A geometric or floral metal grill design can be combined easily with wood.

If you have been scouting design ideas for your main gate, here are some of the most popular ones that you could consider. These can be easily customised as per your requirement. Also, for security purposes, these can be easily fitted with safety locks.


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Perfect room door designs for your home


Main door iron gate design

If you are looking for iron gate designs for your home, here are some popular and designer patterns, compatible with all types of houses:

Main door iron gate design

Source: Shutterstock


Main door iron gate design

Source: Shutterstock


Main door iron gate design

Source: Shutterstock


Main door iron gate design

Source: Shutterstock


Main door iron gate design

Source: Shutterstock


Trendy door design ideas for 2021

  1. Paint is a wonderful option if you do not want to go in for new wooden doors. It is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to give your door a makeover.
  2. You can also experiment with the paint colour and geometric shapes.  You can use patterns, to make your door design more interesting.
  3. Opt for beautiful designs in stencils to decorate your door, if you do not fancy art or painting.  Pick a design and use the stencil to paint it in the centre of your door.
  4. You could choose not to highlight your door at all. If you are looking to carry a certain design along your wall, you could pretend the door does not exist and paint it like you would, if there had been no opening in that wall.
  5. Try various types of ornamentation to beautify your door. For example, paneled doors adorned with various moldings always look elegant and rich.
  6. To add an opulent touch to the wooden door, opt for gold or silver leafing.
  7. Brass is in trend, so try and incorporate it on the main door and alleviate the home aesthetics to give a luxurious feel.


Colour ideas for doors

Doors are one of the first things that get your guest’s attention. Decorating it, is as important as decorating the walls. Picking an ideal colour for the doors, can make your home look more beautiful. Here are some colour combinations hand-picked by experts that can make your home look incredible:

Door colourWall colour
Blue (tropical theme)White, grey, yellow, purple, red, pink, green, marine colours and orange.
YellowWhite, black, blue, pink, brown, orange, green and grey.
OrangeWhite, yellow, black, grey and pastel shades.
RedWhite, black, grey, marine colours and pastel shades.
NeutralsBlack, brown, white, yellow, orange, light shades of green and red.
BlackAll colours and shades.
PurpleWhite, grey, muted purple, pink, yellow and green.


Adding art to doors

Use your doors to add art to your home. Mount a painting on the door instead of your wall. Ensure that you choose the right door, one that isn’t opened and closed many times in a day, as the painting can get damaged or even crash down. You could use the door of a powder bathroom or walk-in closet. Fix it firmly to avoid any disaster.


Wallpaper the door or the panels

Wallpaper is versatile. For adding a bold design to your interiors, use wallpaper on the entire door or if you want to be a bit subtle use wallpaper on the panels. It is a clever way to customize a space and to check if wallpaper suits your interiors.

On a practical note, a closet door with its flat surface and long, straight lines offer a great spot for practising your wallpapering skills before you tackle a whole room.


Substitutes for doors

In case you don’t have a door, but would like privacy, try out the following options:

  • String Curtain: The strings can be of a variety of materials like glass or wooden beads, artificial flowers, lights. Choose according to the décor of your flat. These can be tied up when you don’t require privacy. An advantage is that both ways, tied or loose, they look attractive.
  • Screens: Screens are available in a variety of materials like cane, solid wood, acrylic.  Screens can be folded away when not in use. A screen with three or four panels in wood is ideal.



What is the best material for the main door?

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of the house should be made of wood. Some people also opt for steel doors for the main entrance, for security.

How many doors should be in a house as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the number of doors at home should always be even. All the internal doors must be of the same size, while the main door should stand out and be larger in size than other doors.

How can I decorate the main door?

Use a stylish handle, or colourful toran, or decorative name plate, or fix attractive lamps above or on both sides of the door. Placing planters of evergreen plants or flowers, if you have enough sunlight near the front door, is a great way to add freshness and colour. You can change the size and shape of containers to make them varied and interesting.

Where can I use glass doors in the house?

Frosted glass doors can be used in places where a little privacy is required, such as the bathroom in the master bedroom, for walk-in wardrobes, etc.

Can my door be used to install safety features?

With today's smart technology, check for a smart doorbell that doubles as a video camera or have a device that allows for fingerprint entry. Consider motion-sensing lights near the front door for added security.

(With additional inputs from Purnima Goswami Sharma)


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