5 window design ideas for your home

We look at some window design ideas that could add a unique look to your beautiful home

While planning the interior design for a new home, people usually focus their attention on choosing the right furniture, wall paints and even matching linen. However, the design of the windows, is often left to the contractors to decide. Windows are much more than just an opening to admit light or air. It defines the architectural style and gives a distinct feel to your home. There are some window designs that can suit every type of home.


1. Bay windows

5 window design ideas for your home

If you live in a tropical area, a ‘bay window’ is an ideal choice. These large windows can give stunning views and allow lots of natural light, while also providing for window seats and storage space. Bay windows are best suited for living rooms, as you can customise a built-in window seat to make use of the space.


2. Window walls

5 window design ideas for your home

“If you want to maximise light and the view from your room, opt for floor-to-ceiling window walls. Such windows give an open feel, with lots of air and sun,” suggests Preet Sahai, the owner of B-Con Designs. You can experiment with various trim work and glass, to make the window match your interior décor. These types of windows are ideal, when you have a nice vantage point with a scenic view – for example, a view of a sandy beach or endless water. Interior designers often use window walls to merge modern and traditional designs.


3. Dormer windows

5 window design ideas for your home

This is another window design choice for your home, if you have an expansive view in front of your home. These are generally used to balance the home’s exterior elements, to bring attention to specific areas of the façade and also add height and light to your interiors. These types of windows too provide additional storage space and sitting areas, which can be used as a reading space, coupled with wall-mounted lights.


4. Skylight and high windows

5 window design ideas for your home

Also called transoms window, decorators prefer this kind of window to add natural light to the space, without losing out on privacy and storage space on walls. These windows can be a good source of ventilation, if it can also be opened. “Opt for high windows if you like the view of the sky or treetops from your living area. This type of window is mostly used in bathrooms and porches where you can use frosted glass, to get protection from the sunlight in the afternoon,” says Khyati Kalra, owner, ADA Interiors.


5. Stained glass windows

5 window design ideas for your home

Stained glass windows can add a Victorian or antique touch to your interiors. “To add colour and characters, stained glass windows are considered the best bet, without compromising on privacy,” adds Kalra. These windows can be customised, to match with your home’s interiors. It can also be used in bathrooms, to add natural light without losing out on privacy.


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