Provide tenants’ documents before renting out property: Mumbai Police

In a move to curb anti-social and terrorist activities, the Mumbai Police has issued an order under the Criminal Procedure Code, asking property owners to furnish the documents of tenants and restraining home owners from letting out their premises before doing so

The Mumbai Police has said that owners or landlords should submit furnished documents of their tenants (foreigners or Indians), before renting out the property to them. The police issued an order to this effect, on April 10, 2017, under Section 144 of the CRPC-1973.

The move comes in the wake of reports that ‘some anti-social elements or terrorists may seek hideout in the residential areas of the megapolis’. The order also stated that no landlord, owner or a private person of any house or property, shall let, sub-let or rent out the property to a person, before furnishing his or her particulars to the senior police inspector concerned.

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As per the order valid till June 8, 2017, the owners will have to submit the documents to the person in-charge of the police station, where their property is located. It stated that for the foreigners, the owner must submit their name, nationality, passport details, visa details, category, their registration number, place and reason for stay.


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