Real Estate Trends to Watch Out For in 2016 – An Overview by Housing

As the curtain closed on another eventful year, we at, paused for a while to look back, contemplate, analyse and come up with our series of year-end stories that would perfectly sum up the past year and offer near-perfect predictions in real estate for the next year. Begin your search for property in Pune at the Pune Online Property Fest from 2nd to 22nd February, by in association with ICICI Property Services:

TREND 1: Women’s Influence Is Growing In Real Estate Ownership

Another very interesting facet in the 2015 real estate scene has been the growing influence of the woman buyer, both as an individual and as the active participant in joint ownership. With success in her profession and exposure to various knowledge and informative mediums, more women are interested in calling the shots while buying property too. We published a study called Women’s Influence in Real Estate. As more single working women are moving out of their family home to lead an independent life, to learn the tricks of management at a personal level, we also wrote a blog post called The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home. The married woman, whether working or not, is an equally resolute partner in choosing and finalizing the dream home. A very positive development indeed.

TREND 2: Vastu and Feng Shui is making a Comeback

With time, many things change like fashion, lifestyle, music, and then certain things make a comeback too like some customs. Right now it’s the comeback of Vastu. Real estate developers are promoting their projects as Vastu compliant, not just residential but commercial ones too. And the buyers are also actively scouting for Vastu compliant properties. Whether this is based on true faith or simply a fad, only time can tell. But one thing is true that these principles based on mathematics, physics and astronomy do hold true. Based on this trend, we published a very popular blog post called Vastu Remedies and Feng Shui principles for your New Home. It also details a survey study we published in the news on how 93% of home buyers prefer Vastu compliant homes today. After all, there is nothing wrong in following good things to welcome positive energy and wellness in one’s home and life!

TREND 3: NRI interest in Indian property is rising 

The much sought after NRI is also a darling of the Indian real estate sector. Every NRI worth his dollar/ pound/ dirham wants to own a property in ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’. And this is the perfect time to do it. With up to 20% lower property rates even in top metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi according to recent estimates, an average NRI has tried and succeeded in buying a lucrative property.

We’ve seen excellent traction from NRI investments in 2015.

The Top 20 Global cities from where maximum NRI interest in Indian property on were:

1) Dubai
2) Muscat
3) London
4) Singapore
5) Riyadh

The Top 10 Indian cities eliciting maximum project interest from NRIs on were:

1) Mumbai
2) Pune
3) Bengaluru
4) Hyderabad
5) Chennai

With the demand for both commercial and residential space heading north, and simple tools like Rental Yield Analysis to identify The Best Investment Options, smart NRIs should take this opportunity to invest in either or both kinds of spaces to reap a good return.

TREND 4: Government Support Is Increasing For Real Estate Reforms

Last but definitely not the least, the kind of push the Reserve Bank of India and Government has given to the real estate sector in 2015, is almost heaven sent. Lowering of basis points, the ease in FDI policy, probable introduction of the Real Estate Bill, and the introduction of smart cities are just some of the decisive factors that will give a boost in the arm to real estate sector. Buyers are being enticed with all kinds of freebies to make them invest. But please don’t invest blindly. Check, check and again check on the builder, the properties and the location. Do check on the legal papers before putting your hard earned money at stake.

We hope these trends have made you more up to date on the market scenario and’s role in helping you find your home in 2016. Happy Home Buying!

Begin your search for property in Pune at the Pune Online Property Fest from 2nd to 22nd February, by in association with ICICI Property Services: