Slice View 2.0 – Making Home search Better & Faster!

At Housing, we’ve always worked towards one goal – making home search easy. Backed by great ideas, technology and design innovations, and a constant effort to make real estate decisions less laborious than they need to be, we’ve created some groundbreaking products and services over the last couple of years. Our trademark Slice View technology, to explore and book homes online, was a first in the industry. Now we’ve made some critical improvements to it, and made it even better than before-just for you!

The new and improved Slice View is easier to navigate, more intuitive, and generally more awesome. Tech, Product & Design and Operations teams– you’ve done it again! *applause*

Here’s a walkthrough of the many improvements we’ve made. Presenting Slice View 2.0:

1) Filter & Feedback – You can now filter and narrow your search by ‘Flat Configuration’ type, and quickly and easily discover the flat you’re interested in without having to hunt for it. At the Projects level, live tooltip feedback will help you find buildings that have flats that you may be interested in. As you start your search, it will start working for you!

Slice View 2.0 – Making Home search Better & Faster!


2) Directly View Floors – You can now access ‘Floor View’ directly, and view different floors from the same section. You can also  jump to different floors from the same view without having to go back and forth just to change floors. At this stage, you will also know which flats are available, and whether an entire floor is sold out. Welcome to easy manoeuvrability and navigation!

Slice View 2.0 – Making Home search Better & Faster!


3) Breadcrumbs – These will help you find your way back to the first Project View quickly, without having to press back multiple times. We’ve eased the navigation for you tremendously!

4) Visual Cues – You can now view the 3D floor plan and size of a flat on hover. Also, our new on-boarding process will help you quickly get acquainted with the product without getting stuck!

5) Help at Hand – Every screen of Slice View 2.0 now includes a contextual ‘Need Help’ button. In case you get stuck on a particular screen and are lost, you can request for help, and our Customer Support whizzes will reach out to you, and resolve your issue! Also, in case you are interested in a flat that is already sold, we will capture your information at that level, and find you something similar.

6) Optimisation – 2.0 is faster, better and facilitates loading on slower internet connections. Our work on image size optimisation has reduced the image size 5x without compromising on the quality. It’s one of the more brilliant optimisations our teams have made, to ensure that every user is able to access and use Slice View!

Every improvement and enhancement that has gone into Slice View 2.0 has been done to ensure that you have a smooth Buy experience. If you are able to find a good property, in a project that you like, explore the house through Slice View, and then book it online with just a few clicks; all the while sitting on your couch, we’ve done our job!

Go ahead and give it a spin, on this project! If you have any suggestions or feedback, do leave them in the comments below!

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