How to get tenant police verification done in Tamil Nadu

We explain how to get a TN police verification certificate for your tenant from the Tamil Nadu Police Department

If you are a property owner in Tamil Nadu and rent out your home, office or shop, it is important that you apply for tenant verification application to the Tamil Nadu Police. This Tamil Nadu police verification certificate is issued, after checking criminal records for an individual. Such verification is all the more crucial, for landlords who are Indian nationals but reside outside India. This clearance certificate or character certificate can also be issued to foreign nationals residing in any area of Tamil Nadu through diplomatic missions.


What are the aspects that will be verified by the Tamil Nadu Police during tenant verification?

During the verification process, the police will verify the following:

  1. Identity of the person
  2. Present address
  3. Involvement in criminal cases (as per the records available with the Tamil Nadu Police Department).


Who is eligible for the Tamil Nadu police verification online?

The Tamil Nadu police verification will be conducted only on people residing in Tamil Nadu and people who have given their consented for the verification.


How to apply for TN police verification certificate online

Step 1: Visit the TN Police verification services official portal (click here).

Step 2: Click on ‘Citizen Services (Paid)’ and choose ‘Police Verification’ from the drop-down menu.


TN police verification


Step 3: Choose ‘New Request’ from the menu. You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Service Type’ as ‘Tenant Verification’ from the menu and enter the mobile number and secure code. Verify your mobile number through OTP.


TN police verification


Step 5: Fill the TN police verification form and mention all the details of the applicant, i.e., the landlord, such as name, date of birth, email ID, permanent address, district/city and PIN code. Upload a photo identification of the applicant.

Step 6: Enter the details of the tenant and upload his passport-size photo, the address proof of the tenant and consent letter from the tenant to carry out this verification.

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Step 7: After clicking the ‘Declaration’ checkbox, proceed for payment. For individuals, the verification fee is Rs 500 while for companies, the fee is Rs 1,000.

Step 8: Note down the application number generated, after the payment is processed. This number will be used for tracking the status of the TN police verification online.


How to apply for TN police verification certificate offline?

Those who wish to submit the application in person can visit the nearest police station. They must provide the residential details, the identity proof of the individual concerned and a letter of consent from the tenant/ person to be verified.

Applicants can visit the online portal and click on the ‘Citizens Services (offline)’ to download the tenant verification form.


Services offered on Eservices TN Police portal

Apart from tenant police verification certificate application, you can also opt for the following services on the TN Police verification portal:

  • TN police self verification for visa purposes.
  • Job verification for employee background check.
  • Domestic help verification for safety purposes.


TN Police verification: List of details verified by the police

During the tenant verification process, the police will verify the following:

  • Identity of the person.
  • Present address.
  • Involvement in criminal cases (according to the Tamil Nadu Police Department’s records).


How to check TN Police verification status

One can easily check the Tamil Nadu police verification status of the application online, under the ‘View status’ option under ‘Citizen Services’ menu, using the registered mobile number.


TN tenant police verification certificate online


How to verify genuineness of police verification report?

Applicants can easily verify the genuineness of the police verification report by selecting the ‘verify’ option in the ‘Citizen Services’ menu. Enter the reference number mentioned on the document and the mobile number of the applicant.

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How to register feedback on TN Police verification service website?

  • Applicants can register their feedback by visiting the eservices TN police portal and clicking on Citizen Services (Paid) > Police Verification > Feedback.


How to get tenant police verification done in Tamil Nadu


  • On the feedback page, applicants should enter the required details, such as name, PVR number and mobile number. Then, they must click on ‘continue’, to register their feedback.


TN Police verification: Application rejection

There are chances that the applications for police verification may be rejected. This could happen because of any of the following reasons:

  • The given photo does not match with the person to be verified.
  • The address furnished is incorrect or untraceable.
  • The mobile number of the person whose verification is sought, is not reachable.
  • Even after reasonable attempts by the station staff, the person to be verified is not available at the given address.
  • The person to be verified denies having given consent for verification or if the is consent letter of the person is not uploaded.
  • Any reason, other than the above, deemed fit by the approving authority.


TN Police verification: Things to know

  • Applicants will be able to download the police verification report from the official Eservices website and receive a copy on email ID.
  • While availing of paid services, if your payment has gone through successfully, your application will be processed in a couple of days.
  • If there are more than one tenant, then, separate forms must be submitted.
  • The payment of fees can be done through secure payment modes such as net banking, credit card/ debit card.
  • It takes around 15 days to generate the verification report. You can check the status online for more clarity.
  • This facility is only for verification of persons residing in Tamil Nadu.
  • The PVR application will be rejected if the information furnished is incomplete or incorrect, without any refund.
  • Furnishing false information to the police is a punishable offence.



How can I get my TN police verification certificate online?

You can apply for a police verification certificate online by visiting the Tamil Nadu Police department’s Eservices website.

What is the cost for tenant police verification in Tamil Nadu?

The fee charged for individuals for police verification in TN is Rs 500 while it is Rs 1,000 for companies.

What is the time required to complete police verification?

The time taken to complete tenant police verification is 15 days from the date of the receipt provided during application.

What is the payment mode in TN police verification?

If you are applying for tenant police verification online, you can use various online payment modes including your credit or debit cards. You can also pay the amount in cash for offline police verification application.

What can applicants do if they face technical difficulties during police verification application?

Applicants can report to the CCTNS System administrator regarding their technical difficulties or send a mail to reporting the same.

Is there any refund policy for rejected applications?

No, there is no refund for the deposited money if the application gets rejected.

Is police verification required for any rental agreement in Tamil Nadu?

Police verification checks the details of the tenant. Therefore it is an integral part of all rental agreements.

Can the landlord be punished for the tenants’ crimes in Tamil Nadu?

Yes, landlords can be imprisoned if their tenant commits any crime. In some cases the landlords might also be charged for the conduct or illegal activities of their tenants.

What if I am out of the state or country during the police verification in Tamil Nadu?

It is the safest to be present yourself during a police verification. However, in case of impossible circumstances, the landlord can ask your spouse or your closest relative to verify in your place.

Can the Police check the Aadhar Card of the tenant for verification?

Yes. The Police can ask the landlord to submit a copy of the Aadhar card online for checking ad verification.


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