Top Foreign Coworking Office Providers In India

The shared office market in India, the fourth largest economy in the world, is fast evolving and bringing in a lot of foreign players. These foreign firms have entered India with their immense experience in running such offices globally and have created a formidable presence in India. While some of them entered in India as long back as 2004, some of the others have just entered and making their presence felt. We take a look at some of the prominent overseas companies that are operating in the Indian shared office market:

1 Regus

Founded by an English business man in Brussels in 1989, Regus expanded fast globally and was one of the first foreign companies to enter the Indian managed office market. Regus was not only one of the first foreign players in the co-working space market in India, it was also one of the first among all companies to roll out such office formats in the country. Leveraging the first-mover advantage, Regus has been able to have a formidable presence in India. It has presence in almost all state capital in India, apart from metro cities. It has office solutions for large enterprise clients as well as freelancers and individuals. The company has some its offices at prime locations and the company has presence in almost all the Central Business Districts (CBDs) in all metros.

2 Avanta

UK-based flexible office spaces provider Avanta entered in India way back in 2008 and has set up its centers at many locations in metros and other cities. Apart from Barakhamba Road in new Delhi, it has presence in some of the most sought-after commercial hubs in Mumbai like Fort and Bandra Kurla Complex. It provides a wide gamut of services featuring various kinds of office spaces and digital as well as virtual assistance. It has massive expansion plans as it plans to cash in on the popularity of shared offices in India. It is typically looking at 20,000-30,000 square feet of new office spaces for its expansion.

3 We Work

American firm We Work joined the India growth story in 2017 and has expanded lightning fast since then. The company did not enter India alone. It tied up with realty player Embassy Group of Bangalore. No wonder the first shared office of the company came up in Bangalore. Other cities where it has large presence are Mumbai and Delhi NCR and company is looking at setting up centers in Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. It is also looking ta consolidating its position in Mumbai and Bangalore. In Mumbai, the company has leased tow entire commercial buildings, one is Zenia which is spread over 12 floors in Thane and another is another one owned by Enam Securities Group in Bandra-Kurla Complex.

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