Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

From maps to suitcases, we look at how home owners can use mundane items associated with travelling, to spruce up their home décor and create a personalised space

A person’s home is a reflection of his or her lifestyle. If one is a seasoned traveller, there is no better way to showcase your collectibles, maps, souvenirs, postcards and photos, than through your home décor. Home owners often ponder and search the internet, to find unique themes that would give a personal touch and extraordinary look to their homes. A travel-themed décor, can be a perfect amalgamation of both and hence, is quite a trend in current times.

Here are a few tips for travel-inspired décor that will jog your memory and take you back to your holidays:

1. Flaunt your maps

When you return from a vacation, do not throw the maps. Instead, convert these paper maps into personalised art. You can hang up a huge wall-size map and add photos of the destinations that you visited, on the relevant location on the map.

2. Foreign coins and currencies as art

Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

Similarly, if you come home with lots of coins and bills from your travel destination, do not let them collect dust in a drawer. Instead, make them into an interesting art that no one else will have. You can create a shadow box frame, by combining maps, coins and currencies. Alternatively, turn your foreign coins into magnets and they would look unique on refrigerators. Prepare a creative travel collage with leftover foreign currencies, tickets, etc., from your travel.

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3. Display your collectibles

Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

Whether you collected blue plates from the Netherlands or Hungarian blue embroidery, show off your treasured collected items in a corner of your drawing room. For example, use your vintage suitcases as a placing unit, which will also serve as storage units for your home. Fill a jar with shells and sand that you collected from various beaches you took a walk on and place it at your work desk.

4. Paint a wall with a theme based on your favourite destination

Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

Go all out and paint your walls, with a theme based on the destination that you have the best memories of. For example, show your love for nature and colour your wall with Mediterranean blues. You can also draw inspiration for Indian art or culture or French and Italian designs, or use south-eastern or American influences, to create your own wall art depicting your love for travel and adventure.

5. Use photographs as display objects

Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

Decorating a space with pictures, is a simple way of personalising a room and making the space feel like home. The way in which you display these photos, also offers a whole set of décor possibilities. You can just hang your Polaroid photos with strings on the wall or frame them in different sizes. You can also customise a simple picture frame and make it an interesting display of several pictures. A well-curated wall art can turn a blank space into something that is both, visually striking and also serve as a talking point for guests.

An avid traveller will always long to visit new and exciting destinations. So, the next time you book your tickets for a soothing holiday, collect badges, coins, shells or anything from your visits, remember that you can use it to bring your traveller personality into your home’s décor.

(The writer is CEO and co-founder, reNNovate)

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