Best wood window design ideas for your home

Here is a guide on installing wooden windows with shutter designs.

One may choose to spend more money to purchase high-quality wood frames since wood offers several particular benefits, even though all materials have virtues to take into account. While Vinyl is the most typical replacement material you’ll find in contemporary homes, many homeowners prefer wooden window with shutter designs. Wood is often a much higher quality material for windows, and each one has a unique appearance.


Wooden window with shutter designs: Wood types

Oak window

The fact that it is extremely robust and long-lasting, among other advantages, makes it the best option for your windows but it can be an expensive buy as well.

Softwood timber window

Softwood sometimes costs less than hardwood and works well in both modern and traditional homes.

Hardwood timber window

Due to its slower growth rate and tighter grain, hardwood is more stable and long-lasting than softwood.

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Top 5 wooden window with shutter designs

Casement windows

Casement windows fit beautifully in your kitchen or narrow lobbies on stair turns. You can place a potted plant there, which can survive in available sunlight and air.

Wooden window with shutter design for contemporary homes

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Sash windows

These windows come under the category of the huge size windows that are installed on the garden or lawn side. A flower-patterned curtain be tied on both sides of the window gives it a more fancy look.

Wooden window with shutter design for contemporary homes

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Garden windows

As the name suggests, these windows provide a mini in-home garden for your favourite cute little bonsais or short plants. They are a bit extended outside which provides the sill to keep the pots.

Wooden window with shutter design for contemporary homes

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Transform Windows

These windows are installed on the top or sides of doors and add a design focal point to the mere door. These are not only good as air ventilators but also as a source of sunlight.

Wooden window with shutter design for contemporary homes

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Bow windows

To add a Victorian look to your 21st-century house, a set of bow windows is the best way. Loads of sunlight and outside view are the speciality.

Wooden window with shutter design for contemporary homes

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Single hung wood design for windows

If you are looking for a classic wood window design, go for a single hung style window. The design comes with a stationary top sash and a bottom sash that can be opened by sliding it up. You can personalise the window as these are available in various colours and design.

Best Wood Window Design Ideas for Your Home

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Double hung wood design for windows

A variation of the single-hung window design is the double-hung style window, which has two sashes that can be opened or closed independently. Besides being a convenient option, this window design adds a classic appeal to your home. Moreover, this type of window design is energy efficient.

Best Wood Window Design Ideas for Your Home

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Twin double hung wood design for windows

The twin double hung wood design for windows is a variation of the double hung design. It features two sets of sashes placed in a single frame. This feature provides better control over ventilation and airflow, thus suited for areas with variable weather conditions.

Best Wood Window Design Ideas for Your Home

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Oriel wooden window design

Another unique wooden window design you can consider is the Oriel wooden window design which comes with a protruding window structure supported by brackets or trusses. This design reflects traditional and historic architecture but can be easily customised to suit modern houses. The design, owing to the protruding structure, allows an increased amount of sunlight to enter the house while also giving an elegant look to the structure.

Best Wood Window Design Ideas for Your Home

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Cottage wooden windows

Inspired from traditional English and European cottages, you can go for a cottage wooden window design for your home. The design is characterised by wooden frames with small glass panes of glass fixed within a grid pattern. The panes of glass bring depth and add texture to the space. These are available in various designs, including casement, double hung, and fixed windows.


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Wooden window with shutter design: Favourable features

There are several reasons why wood is an ideal material to consider when installing or replacing your home’s windows. Check out the reasons why replacing your windows with wood might be something to consider.

They have a warm and interesting look

Many individuals pick wooden windows because of their aesthetics. Some folks rely entirely on this factor. After all, nothing beats the beauty and warmth of wood. Many window frames attempt to resemble wood because natural materials have a particular, individual charm. However, if you have the funds to purchase the original, there is no reason to settle for a less expensive replica.

For old or traditional homes, real wood is the best option that matches the theme. You apply the same with cottages, winter residences and huts And other than a beautiful necessity, there are unique pieces that fit rightly in any setting you want.

They offer improved insulation

As you may know from physics class, wood is an excellent insulator since it is a poor conductor of heat. Heat transfer, on the other hand, is straightforward since aluminium is such an excellent conductor (though this can be mitigated by installing thermal breaks). Furthermore, wood provides substantially superior insulation than aluminium.

Wood-framed windows may end up costing less in the long term since they keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due to the additional insulation they provide. Even if it is difficult to see this benefit on a monthly basis, the everyday benefits will surely be noticed. 


Wooden window frame design: Problems

After discussing several excellent justifications for installing wood windows, let’s examine some potential disadvantages.

They must be painted

Wood not only welcomes but also requires paint. It was formerly a component of a living being. It will ultimately decompose or begin to appear old if left in its natural state. Untreated hardwood window frames frequently expand or flex due to moisture, making it challenging to raise or lower the window. If exposed to too much direct sunlight throughout the day, it may also lose colour. This is particularly true for residences by the sea, necessitating these homes to need a lot of maintenance.

They bring in bugs

Most likely, termites are wood’s deadliest enemy, especially when they first begin to take over. Given that water is a necessity for establishing their colony, they will be more prevalent in places with higher levels of precipitation. However, you may avoid this by using water-repellent paint to coat your wooden frames, which will shield them from dampness and insects. Look for oil or acrylic paint for the exterior and a latex, glossy paint for the interior.

They have more upfront expenses

Yes, wood windows cost significantly more upfront than other window-making materials. It all boils down to how much time and effort is needed to not only make the frame itself but also to cut down the tree, move the components, and shape the wood. But as was previously mentioned, good window quality and regular care will extend their lifespan and cut down on energy costs.



What are the advantages of wood windows?

Aesthetics, insulation and longevity are some advantages of wooden windows.

What are the disadvantages of wood windows?

The need for treatment and suscetibilty to insect attack.


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