Interview with Interior Designer & Stylist Shivani Dogra

“Style is individual. Break a few rules while decorating your home!” Tips from our interview with interior designer & stylist Shivani Dogra, along with pictures of her work.

The woollen carpet, the moda, bench, lamp stand and light shade are all sourced from individual craftsmen or companies that deal in handicrafts.

Tip: Elements that are natural and handcrafted add an effect of calm to a room



All natural elements accentuated by a soothing green colour on the wall make this a calm work space.

Tip: Adding indoor plants is perhaps the easiest way to bring a sense tranquility to a room.



Here Shivani has drawn inspiration from Delhi in February and March – the months when the sky is blue, and the varying shades of green, magenta and mustard stand out in stark contrast to the sky.

Tip: Look around you in nature for colour inspiration!



This room depicts the play of bright colours on a white background, uplifting an otherwise stark space.

Tip: If there is an area of your house is dark, or doesn’t receive natural light, light walls with contrasted décor pieces is the way to go.


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Here a whole range of colours from the same family have been combined, and kept a part of it white.

Tip: Using colours of the same family in different elements of a room makes the space bright, though not overwhelming.



This was the first kitchen Shivani redesigned around 7 years ago. She says, “I was unafraid of mixing colours then and the yellow brought cheer to this tiny space.”

Tip: Choose bright colours to uplift a space instantly!



A wide range of colours can be combined against a white background without any fear of making a space seem overwhelming.

Tip: If you have interesting artwork/souvenirs, display them right on your wall instead of inside a traditional showcase, and keep the colour on the walls to a bare minimum.



If you own an old sari that’s wearing away, framing it would be a great way of preserving its craftsmanship.

Tip: This tip works well for a variety of beautiful traditional fabrics – saris, phulkari dupattas, hand-stitched dress materials, and so on.



“The cupboard of this space was painted white when I first saw it. We made it teal, and matched all the other colours with it. We didn’t go overboard with the teal though, balancing it with light green and white.”, says Shivani.

Tip: If you do not have enough natural light coming into a room, it is important that while you add colour to the space, you also keep it uncluttered and airy.









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