12 Minutes To A Happier Home

You spend a major part of your week at work, and your house is a sanctuary where you unwind. One of the simplest ways to ensure that it’s a calm, happy space is to adopt some simple Feng Shui techniques. In simple words, the principles of Feng Shui explain how we can balance the energies of any space, in this case our homes, to ensure the health and well-being of its inhabitants. These are some simple ways in which you can change the energy in your house instantly:

1. Open the windows and let in some sunshine and good vibes!

2. Burn incense of Sage or a beeswax candle. Not only do they bring in good energy, they also smell great and are less harmful than traditional wax candles.

3. Something as simple as dusting your furniture and wiping down the surfaces in your kitchen can do wonders.

4. Empty all your dust bins, even the small ones in your bedrooms and bathrooms. Give the bins a quick dust-off as well.

5. If your home is strewn with pillows and cushions, you’ll love this step! Fluff them all, and arrange them neatly on your sofa and bed.

6. Keep the toilet seat down when not in use. It is a very popular Feng Shui technique to ensure that your energy and wealth don’t ‘go down the drain’!

7. Tend to your house plants and spend some time watering them. Don’t have any house plants? Go out and get some! They look good, send out good energy, and are fairly low maintenance.

8. Turn up the volume and blast music that makes you happy. Why stop there? Go on and throw yourself a solo dance party too!

9. The scent of lavender is often used to cleanse the energy in a space, and to calm down frayed nerves. Use a lavender scented incense stick, or sprinkle some drops of lavender essential oil over your upholstery.

10. Get hold of a mop, and clean the floors in your room till they sparkle. This makes for a good exercise session as well!

11. Use small bottles of essential oils to purify the energy in every corner of your house. Lavender essential oil is the most popular choice, but you can also use lemongrass or sandalwood. Keep these tiny bottles open, and feel the energy, and smell, in your home improve!

12. Get bright bulbs for your room, or replace the older ones that are losing some of their sheen. Bright lighting equals a happy house!

12 Minutes To A Happier Home

Feng Shui isn’t all wind chimes and laughing Buddhas! You’ll find that we do most of these things in our homes anyway. So try it, it only takes 12 minutes to make a happy home happier!

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