The Definitive Colour Guide for your Home

A guide to choosing the right wall colours for your home, based on your personality & the ambiance you want to create!

Red is a colour that exudes warmth and draws attention. It has a great emotional impact, making it ideal for the living room.

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Orange is the colour of knowledge, loyalty and generosity. It reflects a healthy social environment and revitalises the mind and body.



Yellow is one of the most widely-used colours in the world and is ideal for small-sized homes in cities. It exudes warmth, inspiration and joy.



Green represents freshness and abundance. Its soothing quality characterises the power of nature. The colour is proven to have a therapeutic effect and is suitable for rooms that focus on wellbeing and rest.



Blue represents tranquillity, comfort and serenity. It is ideal for bathrooms, because it is associated with water. When used in bedrooms, it induces sleep by calming the mind.



Purple represents sensuality, passion, royalty, luxury and depth of feeling.



Pink is an emotional colour and connotes sensitivity and a caring nature. It is ideal for bedrooms, as it gives a peaceful touch and makes it look lively.

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White is associated with purity and elegance, while black is associated with negativity and power. Choose a white shade with a pink tone, blue tone or green tone. This makes the room appear bigger and vibrant. Black can be used to add contrast.




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