Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover

Every corner of the house gives you a chance to make your home more welcoming and appealing. From POP designs to decorative corner furniture, look at these trending corner design ideas for your house

The corners in homes have become important focus areas, when it comes to designing and decorating interiors. There are countless ways to decorate the corners of your home with innovative corner design ideas. Every nook in the house allows you to create additional space in your abode. Check out these simple, yet, unique design ideas for your house corners.


Wall corner designs

You can modify a boring wall to maximise the space or create an attractive corner with the help of some unique design elements. You can also add a mix of vibrant colours that will capture the attention of guests.

Wall shelves

Whether it is for the hallway, kitchen, or living room, setting up a corner design wall shelf is pretty much the easiest way to enhance the appearance of any room. Add lamps or suitable light fixtures, to brighten up the room. A floating wall shelf is another good décor option. It must be attached with fixtures to the wall or ceiling, by means of cables, belts, or other materials.

POP wall design

Contemporary POP designs for the ceiling or walls give scope for plenty of arrangements for creating detailed artwork. POP wall designs are an innovative way to conceal wall defects. For the living room, POP (Plaster of Paris) wall designs can be integrated with lighting fixtures for a minimalistic yet opulent feel.

Gallery wall

A gallery wall in a corner can make the wall’s borders disappear and beautify the room. Alternatively, a small corner space works perfectly for a memory wall or display of artwork. You could try incorporating photo frames or artwork of various sizes, shapes and textures, to make an interesting corner design for home.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Corner design for living room

When redesigning a living room, it is essential to fully utilise the corner spaces and ensure they serve you in the best possible way. These are some unique ways to give the room corners a stylish appearance.

Glass dividers

Add a glass divider to virtually minimise the gap between the living area and the dining space. It would not just give a spacious look but also add a luminous touch to your living room. You can elevate the overall look with indoor plants.

Screen display

Filling an empty living room corner with a folding screen can work as an art piece. Adding a flexible folding screen also makes it easy to customise the room.

Corner shelves

Unused wall space is the right place to create built-in bookshelves. Wall-mounted bookcases, floating corner shelves, and ladder bookcases, are classic options that can make a style statement.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Corner design for bedroom

Bedroom designs are mostly limited to the furniture layout and lighting. However, it is essential that you pay attention to those empty nooks, when it comes to enhancing the décor of the bedroom, the place where you retire for the day.

Accent floor lamps

Floor lamps, which are usually suited for living rooms, can make any bedroom corner look bright and classy. You can combine it with other bedroom corner ideas for enhanced effects.

Window reading corner

Turn the bedroom corner into a comfortable reading area. Add a suitable seating arrangement like a bench with cushions and storage space for your books.

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Wall panel

For bedrooms that are not spacious enough, you can add panels that go up the corner wall, reaching up to the ceiling. For this design, you can choose a POP panel or wooden panels in your favourite colours.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


How to design a kitchen corner?

If you have a compact kitchen, it is better to transform the free corner spaces to make the room more accessible.

Corner cabinets

The easiest technique is to declutter the kitchen space and install open shelves or kitchen cabinets. It is pocket-friendly and becomes more flexible, if you arrange your kitchen items, by placing trays or baskets in these cabinets.

Seating corner

Not every kitchen corner needs to be filled with just cabinets or storage shelves. You can arrange a relaxed seating corner using a suitable corner bench. Include some throw pillows as a final touch.

Chalkboard panel

Add a bit of personality to the neglected kitchen corner by placing a chalkboard panel to the side of your refrigerator. You can use this space for writing your grocery list, quick recipes, etc.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Corner design for garden

Garden corners often remain underutilised but they can be turned into beautiful spaces and as a focal point for the outdoors. Here are some interesting ways to decorate your garden area.


Décor items that have become too old to be displayed inside your house can make for the best outdoor garden design features. Recycling a piece of old broken furniture for decorating the garden corners is a creative way to add to nature’s beauty.

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Well-lit seating area

Choose a shaded garden corner for designing a relaxed seating space where you can unwind after your day’s work. Simply put a few patio chairs, a table and lights. If there is more space, you can create a small dining space. Accessorise it with plenty of colourful cushions and fabrics.

Water features

With the greenery and colourful flowers giving a visual appeal, listening to the trickling sound of water is sure to bring a healing effect to the mind. A small corner in the garden can be an ideal spot for a water fountain. Keeping an outdoor birdbath or a simple fountain is a great way to bring tranquillity to the space.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Corner ceiling design

Ceiling design for kids room

Use your imagination to turn your ceiling into a virtual canvas, depicting clouds or a starry sky as themes. POP for ceilings is an ideal choice as it can be customised and matched with your kids’ preferences.

Statement wall-to-ceiling POP design

You do not need to limit yourself to ceiling designs alone. Instead, you can extend the POP ceiling to the wall. There are numerous colours you can explore, to add the desired effect and uniqueness to a particular wall in your living room or bedroom.

Luxury false ceiling with LED lights

Create a contemporary style POP ceiling design with backlights. Adding LED light fixtures to an otherwise empty false ceiling space will work wonders in enhancing the décor of the house.


Explore these corner design trends to give your home a makeover


Types of materials for corner design


Plaster of Paris (POP) is widely used in building false ceilings, cornices and wall coatings. POP can be moulded into any design. It is light in weight, can last for years and help in creating a focal point for any space.


Wood is the most widely used material for furniture. Investing in the best wood furnishing for your room’s corners can add an elegant look to any space.


Glass can significantly elevate the beauty of a room in the house. Tempered glass is now used extensively in modern interior decoration, for storage units, tables and computer desks.



What are the things to consider while buying wall shelves?

While you ensure to select a wall shelf that fits perfectly in any corner space, make sure you also consider other factors like the material, colour, pricing, brand and size.

What do you do with kitchen counter corners?

You can utilise the kitchen counter corners by keeping corner drawers, cookbook stands and small appliances or by creating a corner sink or crockery corner.


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