All about cricketer Hardik Pandya’s luxurious family home

The luxuriously designed 6,000-sq ft penthouse was built after combining four flats on the top floor of the building at Diwalipura in Vadodara

The rise of Indian cricket in recent times, has been attributed to its exciting, skilled and talented youngsters. One name that stands out among them is certainly Hardik Pandya. A revelation with both, the bat and the ball, while also being an agile fielder, Pandya has become a mainstay for the Indian team in the ODI and T20I formats. Additionally, he is an established player for the Mumbai Indians IPL team, where his fellow all-rounder brother Krunal Pandya also plays. The Pandya brothers have come up from humble beginnings, to now owning a luxuriously designed 6,000-sq ft penthouse at Vadodara, Gujarat.



The mega-sized apartment was built after combining four flats on the top floor of the building at Diwalipura, one of the posh localities in Vadodara, where property rates range between Rs 3,500 per sq ft and Rs 6,000 per sq ft, on average. Hardik Pandya’s personal sense of style has influenced the architecture and design of this lavish family home. This four-bedroom penthouse was designed by Anuradha Aggarwal, creative director at Olives Cre, who stated that the brief given for the apartment by the star cricketer was simple and to the point. Pandya wanted contemporary interiors with every room being a reflection of the individual residing in it. The penthouse is shared by the brothers along with their parents, spouses and children. There is a guest bedroom, as well.


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Hardik Pandya’s Vadodara house valuation

Taking the highest possible property rates into account, owing to the Pandya brothers’ celebrity status, the price of the home works out around Rs 3.6 crores. Bring the eye-popping interiors and other architectural costs into picture and you can expect a figure in the double digits (in crores that is).


Hardik Pandya’s family home: Key facts

  • The Pandya family home comes with its own private theater, inclusive of a space for karaoke sessions, which the two brothers are quite fond of.



  • There is a fully-equipped top-of-the-line gymnasium in the premises, as well.


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  • The Pandya penthouse is also equipped with a balcony garden zone and has four bedrooms in all.
  • There is ample space in the large living room while the overall garden area covers an imposing 2,500 sq ft.





  • Hardik Pandya’s own room is themed on the bleed blue motif of team India. The décor theme is earthy, minimal and dotted with soft and neutral hues while textures have been used deliberately, as per the interior designer. The whole space creates a relaxing and peaceful vibe for the cricketer, who otherwise adheres to a hectic and tiring routine. The life-sized framed picture behind the elegant bed has Pandya posing with several other Indian cricket stars.



  • Krunal Pandya’s room is done up in brighter shades of yellow, orange and beige, with a comfortable couch and television unit placed opposite to the massive bed. One of the walls is decorated with photographs of the two Pandya brothers together, denoting their close relationship, Pendant lighting and spotlights lend a cosy, yet, vibrant look to the room. A concealed wardrobe offers extensive storage space too.


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  • The parents’ bedroom comes with a décor theme encompassing off-white, brown and striped motifs while there are elegant paintings and flowers on the bedside, for a calm and soothing touch.
  • The Pandya brothers’ luxurious duplex also sports a guest room with blue and grey hues, considerable wardrobe space and a cleaner aesthetic/décor palette as per the designer. There is a television for entertainment purposes, as well.
  • The dining room in the penthouse combines contemporary and classic themes, with an intricate chandelier fixture highlighting the zone superbly. A round dining table is surrounded by vibrant chairs. The space is lined with several family photographs and other intricate décor pieces alike.


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Aggarwal has stated that a minimal décor theme pervades the entire space with a few paintings and some contemporary features, representing a mixture of comfort and luxury alike. The Pandya brothers’ success has been well deserved after a humble childhood filled with its own share of struggles and they have invested their wealth smartly, including picking up a 2BHK apartment together in Versova, one of the most premium localities in Mumbai. This apartment has been done up in an elegant manner with simple décor pieces and contemporary fittings and fixtures. This is the family’s first property in Mumbai and it is completely furnished, with ample space for both cricketers to reside here whenever they are staying in Mumbai.



Where is Hardik Pandya’s luxurious penthouse located?

Hardik Pandya’s house is located at Diwalipura in Vadodara, Gujarat.

How many bedrooms does Hardik Pandya’s house have?

Hardik Pandya’s house comes with four bedrooms.

Who has designed the interiors for Hardik Pandya’s house in Gujarat?

Anuradha Aggarwal, the creative director at Olives Cre, has styled the interiors of Hardik Pandya’s house in Gujarat.

(Images courtesy Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya’s Instagram accounts)


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