Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house

Here are some inexpensive DIY room décor ideas for your house

Redecorating a room using DIY (do it yourself) design tricks can give a fresh look to your home. There are countless-yet-inexpensive DIY room decor ideas you can consider for not just saving a lot of money but also igniting your artistic abilities.


DIY room decor for living room

Ladder shelf

Building a vertical storage space from old ladders is a trending DIY room decor idea, especially for houses with space constraints. It is a versatile storage solution, as the ladder can be used as a bookshelf or as a flower pot stand in the balcony or patio. Simply repaint a wooden ladder in your favourite colour.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


Hanging flower vases

Add greenery to the living room with beautiful hanging planters that you can create using recycled plastic bottles, coconut shells, or metal bowls. These plant hangers will save you the money you would otherwise spend on expensive planters from a store. Suspend the planters using nylon rope, copper, or brass tubing.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


DIY room decor for entryway

Gallery wall

A gallery wall, whether with artwork or family photographs, can enhance the beauty of the hallway. Create a fun statement by mixing a display of photos with wall art, quotes and quirky patterns. Fairy lights, wall photos, wooden hanger frames, or a grid panel are some DIY room decor ideas for a gallery wall.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


Key holder

House keys can be easily misplaced. So, creating an artistically decorated key holder is a perfect DIY room decor idea for an entryway and a simple solution to keep your keys secure. Place a vintage wooden board or frame and repaint it to create a DIY holder for keys.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


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DIY room decor for kitchen

Handmade rugs

You can adorn the kitchen floor using custom rugs. All you need is a sewing machine and some old fabric, towels, t-shirts, etc. You can also make a jute mat with a roll of rope. Create these DIY rugs for your kitchen area in any shape, size, or colour of your choice.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


Upcycled herb garden

Indoor planters can be a stylish décor theme for the kitchen. Reuse discarded bottles, mugs and bowls to create a mini herb garden in a kitchen corner.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


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DIY room decor for small bedroom

Full-length mirror

Installing wall-length mirrors makes small rooms appear more spacious. Full-length mirrors can create a feature point for your bedroom. Mirrors also help reflect light and highlight colours or artwork on the adjacent walls. They are an ideal décor option for bedrooms, especially where there are no windows.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


Storage boxes

Transform used cardboard boxes to create beautiful fabric storage boxes. Design these boxes so they blend with the overall décor theme of the bedroom. They are ideal for storing items for everyday use.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


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DIY room decor for kids’ rooms

Pom-pom rugs

Placing soft rugs is the best DIY room decor idea when it comes to decorating the kids’ room, to ensure the comfort and safety of your kids. Create pom-pom rugs by choosing your favourite vibrant colour combinations and eye-catching design patterns.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house


House bed

Think beyond the traditional canopy beds! Design a unique bed frame in the shape of a house using wood. Besides enhancing the décor of the room, this mini house will give your kids a reason to be happy.


Easy DIY room décor ideas for your house



How can I decorate my room with paper?

You can create colourful paper crafts such as geometric paper bowls, paper lanterns, or paper flowers.

What are some easy ideas for DIY room décor for girls?

For girls’ rooms, you can follow the steps mentioned above and additionally use colours like pink or decorate the room with their favourite characters.


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