Dussehra décor tips from the celebs

Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and also the triumph of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. While one can spruce up the home in many ways, Housing News spoke to a few celebrities, on how they add a festive sparkle to their home’s décor

Sophie Choudry

Singer and actor

Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Sophie Choudry


I am usually busy with work during Navratri and Dussehra. Nevertheless, I ensure that my home is well done up for the festival. The festival signifies the victory of positivity over negativity. I am particular about cleanliness. So every day, my house is thoroughly cleaned; from the carpets to the artifacts, everything has to be dust-free. My home is my private space and haven and a clean home exudes a calm and positive vibe. During Dussehra, I always put up a fresh floral toran on the main door and place fresh flowers in vases. Flowers add a festive feel to the home and make the ambiance soothing. I also love aromatic floating candles. As it is an auspicious time to buy gold or silver, I often buy silver artifacts for my home.


Dilip Joshi


Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Dilip Joshi

We celebrate Navratri festival with a lot of joy, together as a family. Festivals are about letting go of differences and celebrating together. We spruce up the home, with new curtains and bed covers. The temple is decorated with colourful flowers and lights, while the idols are adorned with new clothes. My wife and I are very particular about the puja at home and on the day of Dussehra, we light diyas at home and decorate the temple elaborately. My wife decorates the entrance of the house, with a rangoli and a new bandhanwar on the main door. We also celebrate by eating jalebis and fafdas, on Dussehra. I feel blessed to have a house full of happy family members.


Aditi Singh Sharma


Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Aditi Singh Sharma

I love to celebrate festivals at home, with family and friends. My home is adorned with artifacts and various lamps and lights. Light and radiance signifies festivity and so, I use special lamps in the living room, to add a sparkle to the house. I am particular about cleanliness. Hence, I ensure that the entire house is clean and the temple is cleaned regularly. During festivals, I adorn the main door with a beautiful bandhanwar. I try and make a rangoli and if I am busy, I opt for readymade ones, studded with sparkling gemstones. This year, my mom has gifted a beautiful Ganesha idol for my house. I have a flair for laying table the in style and for festivals, I use fancy napkins, candles and exotic flowers. This year, I am planning to decorate it with special ethnic embellishments, for my friends to savour the festive meal.


Jasmin Bhasin


Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Jasmin Bhasin

A clean and tidy home allows positive energy to flow and festivals are the time, to ensure that the home is clean. I clean and declutter my entire house and rearrange the cupboards, shelves and even the loft. I love to shop for items for my home, during the festival. This year, I have bought tall brass diyas and bells for my home. Flowers bring freshness with their fragrance and create an atmosphere of celebration. Consequently, I use mogra roses and marigold, to make the temple look divine. I also like to add a sparkle to my home, with hanging lanterns and tiny fairy lights.


Mrunal Jain


Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Mrunal Jain

We celebrate Navratri and Dussehra by worshipping the Goddess. We prepare for the festival, by cleaning the home. My mother and my wife make it a point to decorate the house in a special way during festive days. My home goes through a complete cleaning and refurbishing process. I believe that the home décor should be colourful during festivals, as it instantly uplifts the ambience. We feel energetic and happy, with vibrant colours around us. This year, we have opted for a golden touch on the soft furnishings, for our home décor, in addition to luxurious silk bed covers and curtains.


Pria Kataria Puri


Dussehra décor tips from the celebs Pria Kataria Puri

During the eighth day of Navratri, I do an asthamipuja at home and invite young girls for a feast. Dussehra is the time, when my extended family meets for dinner. Whether it is my home in Mumbai or Kuwait, I like to keep it spic and span as it is my place to retreat and rejuvenate. This year, I am painting my house in Mumbai and also changing the sofa upholstery, with paisley motifs fabrics. I keep fresh flowers and light candles every day at home and during festivals, I use jasmine pure oil for fragrance and a positive vibe. The temple is decorated with tiny lights and flowers. I light up home with traditional earthen diyas and fairy lights, as they give a warm and luminous glow. During Dussehra, I buy silver artifacts for my home, which add a subtle elegance and regal touch to the décor.


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