Efficient and affordable home services at your doorstep, with Housing Edge

Housing.com has partnered with expert home service providers like Rentomojo, Urban Company and Happylocate.com, to help its users to access the finest services easily and at affordable rates. With this, customers no longer need to go through numerous websites and review pages, to shortlist a service provider

35-year-old Aman Makhija recently shifted to his new home in Gurgaon. Given that this was Makhija’s first home, after living in a series of rented properties, he had plans to decorate his home to make it attractive. However, he then learnt that he may have to keep shuttling between the United States and India, over the next few years. “I disposed of all my old furniture and had plans to buy new ones that suit my new home. In my situation, the amount of money that I would be putting into all this, may just be a waste over the next few years. So, I decided to rent it from Housing.com.”

With an aim to cater to a large number of working people like Makhija, real estate advisor Housing.com has started offering home services from September 2020, in partnership with Urban Company, Rentomojo and Happylocate.com. A fleet of services are available at cost-effective prices, along with a volley of rewards and discounts.


Housing.com provides you with a complete package

Even before you plan to settle down in your new home, there are still plenty of things that will need your attention. For example, you may be in a dilemma about which packers and movers to shortlist.

A millennial may often wonder: “Is it a good idea to buy furniture and home appliances now, or should I wait and try out furniture rentals?”

Similarly, a person who is settled, may have day-to-day requirements, like, “Where do I get a carpenter from, to do some quick-fix work?” or “Whom do I call, to repair the air-conditioner?”

This is exactly why Housing.com has brought together a bouquet of services that you could choose, without the hassle of shortlisting or reviewing the calibre of the service providers.


Know our partners in home services

Create a décor and lifestyle of your choice, with Rentomojo

For all your furniture, appliances, electronics and fitness gear-related needs, you can trust Rentomojo in collaboration with Housing.com, for the finest designs and comfort. Starting at Rs 189 per month, Rentomojo is offering an exclusive range of products. Moreover, you can benefit from flexible payment plans and heavy discounts in the first month. So, if you wish to upgrade, we have got you covered.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our efforts are directed towards cleanliness and safety. All the products that make their way to your home are completely sanitised and safe to use.

Browse the catalogue of products available on Rentomojo.

When you choose Rentomojo, we will also ensure that you have access to free relocation, free maintenance and the luxury of flexible tenure.

Efficient and affordable home services at your doorstep, with Housing Edge


Get your home in order, with Urban Company

It is difficult to trust anybody and everybody with work that requires expertise. Housing.com, in association with Urban Company, brings you a range of home services from well-trained professionals – carpenters, electricians, painters and house-cleaning staff. With a pool of trained staff, Urban Company ensures a great experience at cost-effective rates and has, for long, been a trusted brand with a strong network across the country. All Housing.com users can avail of a special discount of 3%, in addition to existing rewards. Note that all transactions happen on the service partner’s page.

Efficient and affordable home services at your doorstep, with Housing Edge


Relocate safely, with Happylocate.com

To avail of relocation services in association with Housing.com, simply submit your details here and get up to three quotes from our partners. You can shortlist the best service provider and proceed to finalise a desired loading slot. Loading of goods, transit and unloading is insured. So, you need not worry about the entire process. The movers and packers that we associate with are 100% verified, trusted and have a rating of 4.2 and above.

Efficient and affordable home services at your doorstep, with Housing Edge


Explore the world of convenience with Housing Edge. 



Does Housing.com charge extra for its home-related services?

No, you can avail of services from Rentomojo, Happylocate.com and Urban Company through Housing.com at no extra charges. In fact, you can benefit from additional discounts.

What is Housing Edge?

Housing Edge is a range of services for users. You can pay rent through credit cards and also create and complete a digital rental agreement. There are additional services on Housing Edge that will help you with all your daily home-related needs, such as repair, furniture or appliance rentals, relocation, etc.

Where do I pay for services from Rentomojo through Housing.com?

All payments have to be made on the vendor's page but you can avail of additional discounts, if you opt for the service through Housing.com.


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