How to report illegal constructions in Delhi?

Here is how to file a complaint against illegal construction in Delhi using the DDA-311 app

If you are harried by illegal constructions or encroachments in your area in Delhi, there is a way you can complain about it, without physically visiting any office. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has now made it easier for the residents of the city to file a complaint against any kind of illegal construction, through its mobile app DDA-311. While the app was launched in May 2018, the recent updates and addition of new features have made it more convenient for Delhi citizens to make the Authority aware about the issue in a hassle-free way.


About DDA 311

The DDA has created this app to deal with illegal constructions and encroachments in the city. The agency directs the complaints to the government authorities, which take action against these complaints and try to resolve it in a timely manner. The action taken reports are submitted to the Supreme Court every 15 days. The app was developed, in accordance with the direction given by the apex court in April 2018 to the centre, to get rid of illegal constructions on public land within two weeks.

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How to file a complaint on DDA-311 app?

Step 1: Download the app DDA 311 on your smartphone. It is available on Android, as well as iOS platforms.


DDA-311 app


Step 2: Click on ‘STF Enforcement Drive’ and register yourself, using your email id or Facebook login. If you want to report a complaint anonymously, generate a unique ID.


Illegal construction in Delhi


Step 3: Now, you need to click and upload the picture of the property that you want to report. Be mindful of the fact that the report should be genuine. Your GPS location will be tagged here, along with the picture, when you click and upload it.


How to report illegal constructions in Delhi?


Step 4: Select the location where the encroachment has taken place, from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Provide a description and the property’s details and submit the complaint. Your complaint will be registered and you would receive an SMS, confirming the same.

Step 6: Track your complaint using your unique ID.

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How do I file a DDA complaint?

Download the DDA-311 app and follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How can I check my DDA complaint status online?

You can track your complaint on the DDA-311 app and use the unique ID to check the status of your complaint.


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