Maharashtra to have development plans for every district: CM

In a move aimed at boosting the state’s development in a systematic way, the Maharashtra CM has said that every district in Maharashtra, besides Mumbai, Pune and other big cities, will have its own regional development plan in place, by 2017

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, has announced that by 2017, every district in the state would have a ‘regional development plan’.

“We are in the process of finalising the development plan for Pune and within two months, it will be approved,” said Fadnavis, speaking at a meeting of CREDAI National and Presidents’ Conclave, in Pune.

“Maharashtra will be the first state to have such a plan for each of its districts and our government has already started working on 11 such plans,” he said.

Fadnavis also said delays in approving the development plans was a ‘criminal waste of time, energy and resources.’ When his government came to power, several DPs were pending for approval, he said. “After assuming office, we fast-tracked the process of approval and have approved nearly 70 DPs, in last two years,” he said, adding that inordinate delay in approving DPs leads to unauthorised constructions.

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There was a need to simplify policies and expedite decision making, Fadnavis added.

Talking about the Real Estate Regulatory Act, he said that Maharashtra would be the first state, to finalise the rules and guidelines under the legislation.


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