MMRDA to strengthen 21 FOBs on Eastern and Western Express Highways, in Mumbai

In a bid to prevent collapse of foot over-bridges and increase their lifespan, the MMRDA’s commissioner has ordered the removal of roofs from such bridges on the Eastern and Western Express Highways in Mumbai

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s (MMRDA’s) commissioner RA Rajeev, has ordered the removal of roofs from all 21 foot over-bridges (FOBs) on the Eastern Express Highway (EEH) and Western Express Highway (WEH), in order to strengthen them. “The roofs of FOBs, firstly, look very shabby and also weaken the structure, owing to their weight. I have also insisted that there are no advertising boards on the FOBs. This will lighten the load on the FOBs further and they will serve pedestrians longer,” said Rajeev. “We will also paint the FOBs white and grey, to maintain the aesthetic values around,” he added.

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While the MMRDA is carrying out the structural audit of eight FOBs on the WEH through VJTI, Mumbai, and will undertake the same for 13 FOBs on the EEH, the observations made by the metropolitan commissioner are considered pertinent, as far as the longevity of the FOBs are concerned. The commissioner also ordered speedy provision of various signages on the WEH and EEH, while the structural stability of existing signages would also be checked. “We will also undertake beautification of the median and spaces below the flyovers on these highways,” Rajeev added.