Plastic paint: Price, types, colours and benefits of plastic paint for wall explained

We discuss the various benefits of plastic paints. Consider plastic paint for walls as its luxurious finish will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors.

Painting is one home renovation option that is cost-efficient and leaves a lasting impression. A fresh coat of paint can make your property stand out. As paint is an essential part of your home, you must get it right. Plastic paint is an excellent choice that can give your home a royal look.


What is plastic paint?

Plastic paint is a form of emulsion paint with a higher percentage of plastic than conventional emulsion paints. The increased amount of plastic in the paint gives a smoother and silkier finish. 

Plastic paints vary from traditional paints as they can be washed away after use. Since dirt can easily be cleaned with a moist cotton cloth, plastic paints maintain their smooth and fresh appearance for a few years. 


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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Why are plastic paints a great option?

Simple to clean and maintain 

Plastic paints provide a rich and luxurious finish that is simple to maintain and clean, resulting in immaculate walls for years.

Readily available 

Several companies, such as Asian Paints, Nerolac, Berger and other local brands, offer plastic paints in various colours.


Plastic paints are mostly composed of pure acrylic latex and high-opacity micro-pigments, with a small amount of pigment added for colour. As a result, the paint’s surface becomes long-lasting.

Non-toxic and environment-friendly

Plastic paints are water-based and do not have any petroleum derivatives or chemicals that pose a health or environmental risk.


It takes between two and four hours for plastic paints to dry.

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Plastic paint types 

Depending on the finish desired, plastic paints can be bought in a matte, satin, semi-glossy, or glossy finish for walls. They are split into three types, each of which is widely available on the market and which are as follows:

Economical plastic paints

Tractor Emulsion – Asian Paints

Tractor emulsion paint is a popular choice to colour interior walls. Compared to distemper paint, it gives better coverage. A total of more than 1,200 different shades of tractor emulsion are available in the market today.   


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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Interior Promise Emulsion – Dulux 

Interior promise is a plastic paint containing anti-chalking characteristics. Interior promise is equipped with unique chroma-brite technology, which helps to produce vibrant colours and creates a happy atmosphere at home for the user.


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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Premium plastic paints

Apcolite Premium Emulsion – Asian Paints

Apcolite premium emulsion is equipped with a long-lasting paint protection layer and a stain shield, making it a popular choice for consumers. 


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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SuperCover Premium Emulsion – Dulux  

SuperCover is well-known for its ability to provide a smooth matte finish on a variety of surfaces. 


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home


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Luxury plastic paints

Royale Luxury Emulsion – Asian Paints 

Royale is the only paint emulsion in India with Teflon surface protection, making it durable and easy to clean. Royale is a non-toxic, lead-free, low-VOC, odourless paint that protects against stubborn stains and microorganisms.


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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Velvet Touch Pearl Glow – Asian Paints 

Velvet paints are the most luxurious and expensive paint available on the market today. When applied to walls, Velvet reflects light and makes the walls radiant.


Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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Plastic paint colour price list 

Plastic paint cost 1 litre (Rs) 10 litres (Rs) 20 litres (Rs)
Asian Paints  70-454 4,562 8,996 
Dulux  110-540 4,012 7,949
Nerolac  192-484 2,723 5,507

Here you may compare the paint cost per litre from a variety of well-known manufacturers.

The wall paint colour price is primarily determined by the kind of paint used and the brand that manufactures it. Therefore, the Asian plastic paint price of 20 litres will differ from Dulux paints price of 20 litres. The cost of painting home interiors might vary from Rs 120 per litre to Rs 8,000 per 20 litres, depending on the paint you choose.

*Wall colour prices are subject to change. 

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Guide to choose the best plastic paint for your home

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What are some things to remember while painting?

Purchase paint in the greatest quantity feasible in order to save money. Pour the paint into a clean container and shake it completely before using it. Before painting, repair any existing surface issues such as cracks and seepage. Make certain that the paint is purchased from a reputable retailer. Make sure that the paint shop has an extra supply of paint in case you need it at a later time. If you’re going to use thinners, primers, or undercoats, be sure they’re of a high-quality formulation. Keep spilt or splattered paint clean by wiping it with a specified thinner while it is still wet.


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