Six tips for first-timers in a girls’ PG accommodation

Mentioned below are tips for first-timers considering a paying guest (PG) accommodation

A paying guest (PG) accommodation allows people to stay with similar-aged people and one’s happiness, anxieties and life experiences. Here are some tips to overcome the hiccups, for girls moving into a PG for the first time.


Maintain hygiene in shared spaces

PGs are quite popular, as people have moved beyond simple hostel-like rooms to more spacious units, with choice of private rooms – double, triple and even four shared rooms. Given that students may prefer to share their rooms, it is important to conduct oneself in a disciplined manner. Most differences in a PG are over maintenance of hygiene and sharing of space. Stay hygienic, because others in the room may be particular about cleanliness. Allot specific places for laundry, utensils, provisions and your shoes and clothes. Demarcate your corner in the room and encourage others to do so too. Be watchful that you are not messing someone else’s space. As girls tend to have bigger wardrobes, it is very important to keep everything organised and handy.


Manage your time wisely

Maintain an ‘early to bed and early to rise’ routine. This will help you escape the queues for the washroom. Needless to say, clean the washroom after use. Also, refrain from grabbing two or three helpings at the dining table.


Follow the rules of the PG accommodation

Different PGs have different rules. While some are strict about timings, because of security reasons, some others have rules over food. Check if your PG allows you to bring in guests. If yes, check with your roommates before inviting in a family member or friend.


Respect one’s need for privacy

Most people prefer shared accommodation not because they love it but because it is economical. Everyone craves for their own personal space and one should respect it by not disturbing others or prying into their personal lives.


Avoid excessive use of shared items

Rakhi Mazumdar, a young professional living in a PG in Bengaluru and working with a top MNC, faced immense trouble with her former roommate, who used to eat up all the common food. She finally asked the caretaker for a different room. Most people stock food supply and provisions in a PG. Some also contribute towards snacks and other common items like shampoos, soaps, washing powder, etc. Do not be the one to use it all up.


Build relationships

Making friends is the best way to overcome homesickness. Help your roommates out whenever you can and build a rapport with their families, as well. These relationships will be worth keeping and remembering, long after you leave the PG.



What is the difference between a PG and a hostel?

What is the difference between a PG and a hostel? Hostels are usually run by institutions - schools, colleges, associations, etc. PGs are privately-run and promise more independence to residents. PG charges are higher than hostels, because of better services.

What is the price range of PG in Noida?

While monthly charges vary depending on the facilities provided, a rough estimate may be Rs 3,500 to Rs 15,000 per month.


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