Talegaon residential properties become attractive amid changing home buyer preferences

With home buyers’ preferences witnessing a sea-change in the recent past, we look at the factors that make Talegaon an attractive destination for buyers from Mumbai and Pune

Earlier, people used to prefer properties close to their workplace, for easy commuting and to save time. For this, they were ready to buy properties at higher rates. With changing preferences, people are now looking for homes which are not expensive, are far from the crowded city and yet, provide access to all amenities. Many people, especially from Pune and Mumbai, now prefer to buy homes within a reasonable budget, replete with all types of amenities. With these prospective home buyers exploring properties in nearby cities, Talegaon, hence, has become more attractive to home buyers from both, Pune and Mumbai. Let us look at the factors that one should explore, while buying homes in Talegaon.


How Talegaon fits into the home buyers’ preferences?

“The situation has changed completely, in comparison to the pre-COVID-19 period. People in Pune and Mumbai are now more concerned about health and sanitation. They want to avoid crowded places. Home buyers now prefer spacious, affordable homes, located near these cities and they want easy access to all the basic amenities. Talegaon offers a perfect match to this requirement in the present time,” says Raj Shah, director, Namrata Group.

Experts point out that Talegaon is strategically and advantageously located. It attracts home buyers from Pune and draws the attention of the people who live in Mumbai too, who are looking to work from home. In Talegaon, home buyers get excellent social and physical infrastructure, unlike the burdened infrastructure in Pune or Mumbai. For example, the roads in Talegaon are not congested. It is easier to get admission to schools and colleges. Talegaon also has excellent road and train connectivity to all places.

The properties offered by real estate builders in Talegaon, Pune are available at a fraction of the property prices in Mumbai and Pune. So, home buyers can get bigger homes, at the same price of an ultra-affordable property in Mumbai and Pune.

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What categories of buyers prefer homes in Talegaon?

Talegaon fits into the needs of all categories, i.e., affordable, mid-segment and luxury home buyers. Whether you are self-employed or a salaried individual, you will find useful options in Talegaon’s property market. There are substantial business opportunities available in Talegaon too, leading to excellent employment prospects. Talegaon has emerged as a logistics and industrial hub in the last few years. So, for people looking to start a new business or people who want to work from home but having an office in Mumbai or Pune, Talegaon can be an ideal location.

Talegaon is attractive for end-users, as well as investors. With the surge in demand for senior citizen living and the work-from-home norm, there is consistent growth available for property investors in Talegaon. It is also an attractive destination for buying a second home, especially if you live in Mumbai or Pune. With the surge in industrial activity, expansion of the logistics sector and the recent announcement of FDI in the manufacturing sector in Talegaon, there are chances of a spike in residential rental demand.

One of the biggest advantages of Talegaon’s residential market is its huge availability of land. Mumbai and Pune’s markets are close to saturation, whereas Talegaon’s growth story has just begun, leaving no scope for any debate on buying a home in Talegaon, Pune vs buying a home in Mumbai. So, if you are looking to buy a home as an end-user or as an investor, you must explore Talegaon’s residential market!

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Advantages of Talegaon’s residential property market

  • Availability of huge land bank for residential market growth.
  • Great infrastructure support.
  • Big and spacious properties available at affordable prices.
  • Due to the surge in industrial activity and job creation, there is a consistent rise in demand for residential property.


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