How Trend Of Non-lockable Office & Retail Spaces Is Catching On

Many developers are coming now with the concept of non-lockable commercial spaces in Delhi NCR, which is a good option for small investors and owners as well as developers also. This concept provides the facility to invest an amount of choice and one gets space as one pays, and the developer have the right to club them and leased it out as per the requirement of lessee, which may be a single office or a whole floor leased out to retail giant Big Bazaar or any IT or ITes company.

Several multi-storeyed commercial buildings have been launched by different developers like Gaur City-2 Mall, X Mall by Saya Group, Spectrum Metro, etc, which have non-lockable spaces with some other kind of office and shops spaces dedicated to specific purposes.

Investor’s Benefit

With the introduction of this concept, the investor or buyer of commercial spaces has been given freedom to choose the amount that is to be invested. Based on the amount invested, certain space is allotted to the buyer which may be less than the smallest size of shop or office space offered by the developer. It is akin to buying less than one share of a company which is listed on stock exchange.

Developer’s Benefit

The concept helps the developer to sell all the space in its project quickly and not wait for large investors to come and invest in huge chunks. Developer has all the rights to manage all the those small or large spaces together and develop as per the requirement. It helps to use the space efficiently which results in higher income and returns for everyone, including to the small investors as the overall returns are higher.

Lessee’s Benefit

This concept allows the tenant or the lessee to take only the space that is exactly needed which results in savings in running cost. This also helps them better search options for spaces to start their business.

These type of buildings or spaces attract more crowd since there is better layout of stores, showrooms, restaurants and food courts. After a period of time, even if any lessee leaves the space it had taken on rent, the developer can easily re-configure the space for the new lessee as per the demand which can be for smaller offices in place of a large office or vice versa.

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