Wall tiles: How to select the perfect wall tile design for your home?

Apart from being durable and cost effective, wall tiles also have the capacity to dramatically change your property’s look. Let us find out what is trending in wall tile designs in 2021

Apart from being an ideal flooring option, tiles also help home owners to refurbish the décor by decking up the walls. In addition to its durability and protection, wall tile is also a major décor item, as wall tile designs are available in a wide variety of materials and textures that home owners can select from. More importantly, they are cost-effective and it helps home owners to avoid the hassle of painting the walls periodically.

If the many benefits offered by wall tiles have inspired you to deck up your home with wall tiles, we assist you with some ideas of trendy wall tile designs suitable for your home.

What is wall tile?

Tiles that are used to deck up your house walls are known as wall wall tiles. Because of the difference in usage, wall tiles are not the same as floor tiles.


Wall tiles: The many types

Wall tiles are available in many varieties and are commonly made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, etc.


Wall tiles: Brick outdoor wall tile design

This pattern is quite popular in contemporary home décor. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this wall tile design is easy to clean and maintain.

Wall tile design


Wall tile design ideas


Wall tiles for living room feature wall

If you want one wall in the room to stand out, you can opt for wall tiles and you do not have to do the entire room. The wall tile design for living room below are ideal for such a décor arrangement.

Wall tile for living room


Wall tile design for living room



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Wall tiles design: Black and white simple wall tile design

For lovers of simplicity and elegance, black and white patterns could be an ideal choice. This wall tile design could work well for the entire room too.


Below is another absolutely chic design to take note of, if you are seeking a combination of simple and tasteful décor.


Wall tiles: Marble wall tile designs

Many home owners prefer marble flooring, because of the unique and rich look it presents. Nowadays one can easily find marble tile patterns that help you achieve the same rich look on your walls, without having to spend a lot on the décor.



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Wall tiles: Wood finish wall tiles for the house

Again, you could replicate the look of elegant wooden flooring on your walls, as there is a large variety of wall tile options available in the market with wood patterns.



Wall tiles: Kitchen wall tile design ideas

In a typical Indian kitchen, the walls attract the most dirt in the form of grease. Hence, opting for a wall tile option that is easy to clean and looks simple, is the best way to go. You may consider the following wall tile designs to achieve this purpose.

Kitchen wall tile design






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Wall tiles design: Bathroom wall tile design 

The bathroom wall tile design must be sturdy enough to protect the walls from water. They should also be of shades that enhance natural light in the room. This is why dark colours are not recommended for bathroom wall tiles. Find your bathroom tiles inspiration from the ideas below.

Bathroom tile design


Bathroom wall tile






Wall tiles FAQs

What is the best tile layout for a small bathroom?

Rectangular or square tiles are ideal for the bathroom. Rectangular tiles laid horizontally on the walls gives the illusion of a larger space.

Which colour tiles are best for bathroom?

Light shades such as cream, white, light grey and neutral colours are most preferred, as it give the room a larger appearance and allows ample natural light.


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