Young, proud and empowered: Women home buyers in their 30s

Women are increasingly investing in real estate, either on their own or along with their spouse. A large number of these financially independent and empowered women, are in their 30s. On International Women’s Day, Housing News speaks to a few such women, who have worked hard and bought their own homes

“It is incredible to own a house to fulfill my father’s dream”

Manada Chandrakant Udagatti

Senior manager in a shipping company, Mumbai

Young, proud and empowered: Women home buyers in their 30s Manada Udagatti

Women, these days, are independent and are opting to buy their own house, as it helps them to have their own space and also provides a sense of security. Besides having control of household accounts and having their own salaries to spend as they wish, women are now also beginning to have a say in the real estate market.

It was my father’s dream, to own a house in our hometown. To fulfill this, I bought a one-bedroom-hall flat of 700 sq feet in Curchorem, Goa. It is an incredible feeling to own a house at 33. I took a loan to buy this house.

Hunting for the house was a big challenge, as I wanted it in a specific location and within a certain budget. Shuttling between Mumbai and Goa for seeing the property and to complete the registration, was a challenge. However, once it was done, I was very happy. I am immensely satisfied that I could fulfill my father’s dream. I feel blessed that I can make my parents happy.

Now, I have repaid the loan and am looking for a second house, preferably in Thane. Currently, I live in Titwala, with my parents. Home ownership is a great move, for a woman. It is a step towards independence and will help after one retires.

Moreover, investing in property is good, as prices are always on an upward trend and can be treated as good source of revenue and asset, for the future.


“I wanted to own a house before I turned 30”

Komal Lath

Founder of a communication company, Mumbai

Young, proud and empowered: Women home buyers in their 30s Komal Lath

Being financially independent and owning one’s own assets (fixed or otherwise) at an early age, helps you to build a strong portfolio as you grow older. Also, as life is unpredictable and owning assets adds a huge element of stability for later years.​

I was very clear, when I was in my early 20s, that I will try to own my own house before I turn 30. I was focused and I worked and aligned my savings, accordingly. Also, my goal motivated me to work harder.

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My husband and I did a lot of research about the area, loan processes and registration and online platforms were helpful. We saw over 80 flats, before finalising this one. We bought our 1,250 sq ft house in ​Malad and registered it on the day of our sangeet. The flat overlooks green spaces and mountains. It is on the 20th floor and receives ample sunlight. We grow vegetables, fruits and flowers, in our balconies. It is an extremely airy, positive and happy space. It is a satisfying and peaceful feeling, to come back to our home and not just a house. We took a loan for the house and I only wish that it did not involve so much of paper work.

After marriage, it has been great fun doing up the place together. It made us bond with each other in a special way.


“Today, women have a greater say in home buying decisions”

Smita Konduru

Strategic planning director in an advertising agency, Bengaluru

Young, proud and empowered: Women home buyers in their 30s Smita Konduru

The fact that a woman is financially independent, gives her a greater say in the decision of buying a home, just like in all other high-value items.

If a woman is single, she would prefer to ensure that she is financially secure. If she is married and both of them work, there is likely to be sufficient disposable income to invest and property is a good investment. Today, women are earning well and are smart investors.

We were looking to buy a house for investment and for security reasons. Hence, we booked a 1,300-sq feet apartment, in a gated development. My husband came to know of this property at Manyata Park, as a few of his colleagues were investing in it. So, it saved us a lot of effort in searching for the right property. Securing a home loan was easy. We wanted a house on a lower floor, in case of power failures, as we have older parents and dogs and we got what we wanted. Property does give one a sense of security. I was 34, when we booked the place. In a country like ours, property prices will always appreciate. So, it makes sense to invest. My only advice is to find and invest in real estate projects from reputed builders, who deliver on time.


“It’s a dream come true to own a house”

Punam Mishra

Centre head in the service sector, Pune

Young, proud and empowered: Women home buyers in their 30s Punam Mishra

Property is an excellent investment. It provides capital appreciation and also gives assured rental income. Being financially independent, makes one more responsible. The decision to buy a home, is no longer only a man’s responsibility. More women are now actively participating in taking the key decision, when it comes to buying their dream home.

Three years ago, when I was 25, my husband and I decided to book a house, as property prices in Pune were constantly rising and it would be difficult for us to buy a house, later. It is an amazing experience, to hold the keys of a new house. Owning a house gives a feeling of security and achievement.

Both of us feel proud of our hard work. Pune is one of the fastest-developing property destinations in India, with improving infrastructure. We jointly bought a 2-BHK house in Wagholi. We have now given it on rent, which helps us to pay the EMI. Moreover, buying a house at a young age, makes it easier to repay the loan. As a woman, I have always nurtured a dream of owning my own house. What made it more special, was that I was able to buy it at the right age and with my husband. It not just an investment but a priceless ownership.


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