CIDCO Lottery 2022: Application, Registration, Results and Latest News

Here is all you need to know about the CIDCO lottery (City and Industrial Development Corporation), the eligibility criteria, application process, important auction and CIDCO lottery dates

CIDCO Lottery 2022 announced  

CIDCO lottery 2022, which was to be announced around January 26, 2022, will be postponed as Eknath Shinde, the urban development and PWD minister and senior CIDCO officials have tested positive for COVID-19, mention media reports. CIDCO, in January 2022, was to start the lottery process of providing 5,000 houses under the ‘Mahagriha Nirman’ scheme.  Under this Gharkul Yojana, affordable housing units that are PMAY-approved and RERA-registered will be made available to the EWS, LIG and general categories at Ghansoli, Kharghar, Kalamboli, Taloja and Dronagiri in Navi Mumbai.

Participating beneficiaries of EWS category are entitled to get central assistance of Rs 1.5 lakhs and state assistance of Rs 1 lakh, whereas LIG beneficiaries can avail benefit of loan subsidy up to Rs 2.67 lakhs. Adhering to national building code norms, these CIDCO lottery buildings have been constructed such that 15% of the plot area is an open area and has common parking provision for the residents.

“Made of state-of-the art architecture, these buildings would have all  amenities like internal roads, street lights, security cabin, society office, electrical substation, compound wall for additional security, play equipment in play area, rain water storage and organic waste converters, etc. Comprehensive maintenance of five years covers maintenance of lifts, electrical equipment, mechanical works, daily cleaning, garbage collection and garden maintenance. In order to provide hassle-free living, CIDCO is also taking the responsibility of waterproofing terrace, water tank, W/C bath, etc., for 10 years,” tweeted Dr Sanjay Mukherjee, vice-chairman and MD of CIDCO.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 for unsuccessful applicants: CIDCO Lottery for Covid warriors

To fulfil its promise for providing housing for Covid Warriors and Uniformed Personnel, CIDCO conducted a computerised second draw of CIDCO lottery for unsuccessful applicants on November 15, 2021, for the allotment of the available tenements of special Housing Scheme for COVID. This was webcast on

Under the second CIDCO lottery, whose details could be accessed on 2021, all applicants who had filled the CIDCO lottery 2021 application form online .paid their EMD for the scheme in the first draw of Cidco Lottery for Covid Warriors and people in the waiting list of the first draw participated. A CIDCO official mentioned, “Winners of the second draw of CIDCO lottery 2021 for covid warriors may be allotted units at different locations and not the ones that they may have necessarily asked for.” Winners of the second draw of CIDCO lottery 2021 for covid warriors will be given 15 days to accept the unit, while doing so is not compulsory.

For checking the result of CIDCO lottery 2021 Navi Mumbai, visit and click on lottery result.

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021

You will reach

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021

Click on  view result button of ‘Draw for Unsuccessful Applicants of Covid Warrior And Uniformed Personnel Lottery 2021’ and you will reach 

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021


Click on the pdf below the winner list according to the location and check the winner list of CIDCO lottery 2021 Navi Mumbai. For instance,  if you click on 21- Taloja, under general category, you will see the winner list on for the CIDCO covid warriors scheme.


CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021


CIDCO Lottery 2021 for COVID Warriors result

CIDCO Lottery 2021 lucky draw, the CIDCO Covid warriors scheme was held on October 29, 2021 at 7th Floor Auditorium, CIDCO Bhavan at 11 am.  The CIDCO lottery 2021 Covid warriors event was also webcast live. With an intent to give time for procurement of documents and complete the loan process, the CIDCO Lottery 2021, special Housing scheme for COVID warriors and uniformed personnel had got an extension till October 21, 2021. As of now, there is no CIDCO lottery 2021 Mumbai declared as CIDCO mostly gives away units in Navi Mumbai.

To check the results of the CIDCO Covid Warriors scheme,on the CIDCO homepage, press on the ‘Lottery Result’ tab as shown in the picture below.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Application, Registration, Results_Latest News_ Lucky draw on October 29, 2021

You will reach

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Application, Registration, Results_Latest News_ Lucky draw on October 29, 2021

Click on the PDF that is according to the scheme you have shown interest on. For example, on clicking on the pdf under the ‘ १५-कळंबोली’ scheme in the covid warriors described as ‘ आर्थिकदृष्ट्या दुर्बल घटक   विजेते व प्रतिक्षा यादी’ , you will see the pdf of the winners list.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Application, Registration, Results_Latest News_ Lucky draw on October 29, 2021

Just below this page, if you scroll further, you will reach the waitlist page which is mentioned according to priority number.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Application, Registration, Results_Latest News_ Lucky draw on October 29, 2021

CIDCO Lottery 2021: CIDCO Lottery for Covid Warriors verification

The Letter of Intent (LOI) for CIDCO lottery 2021 for Covid Warrior & Uniformed Personnel of Lottery winners is published that can be accessed once you login on your CIDCO account. Kindly download the LOI and prepare the list of documents for verification. The verification date for the documents if from 01.12.2021 to 17.12.2021.

CIDCO Lottery 2021: Procedure after winning CIDCO lottery Covid Warrior Scheme

* CIDCO will send a ‘First Intimation Letter’ by post and the winner will have to submit a list of documents, such as PAN card, domicile certificate, income certificate/payslip, passport, voter’s ID, birth certificate, driver’s license and school leaving certificate.

* CIDCO will provide a ‘Provisional Offer Letter’ once all the documents are submitted and verified.  

* The successful applicant will have to pay a partial amount of the flat to CIDCO within a stipulated time. 

* After paying the full value of the flat to CIDCO, the applicant will get an allotment letter. 

* Applicants will be required to pay stamp duty and registration charges levied on the property and submit a copy of the registration certificate at the CIDCO office.

* The applicant will receive the possession letter from CIDCO.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Navi Mumbai: Important dates for Covid warrior scheme

CIDCO Lottery 2021 details

Important dates

Registration starts

August 15, 2021

Registration ends

October 21, 2021

Online application (starts on)

August 16, 2021

Online application (ends on)

October 21, 2021

Online payment of EMD (last date)

October  21, 2021

Publication of draft list of accepted applicants

October 26, 2021

Publication of final list of accepted applicant list

October 28, 2021 

CIDCO Lottery 2021 Lucky draw

October 29, 2021, 11 am

CIDCO Lottery 2021 of 4,488 units for COVID Warriors

The CIDCO lottery 2021 registration for CIDCO’s special Housing Scheme for COVID Warriors and Uniformed Personnel started on August 15, 2021 and was launched by Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray.

Under the CIDCO lottery 2021 Ghansoli, CIDCO lottery 2021 Kharghar, CIDCO lottery 2021 Taloja, CIDCO lottery 2021 Kalamboli and CIDCO lottery 2021 Dronagiri, 4,488 houses in five nodes of Navi Mumbai, namely Taloja, Kalamboli, Kharghar, Ghansoli and Dronagiri, will be made available to COVID warriors and uniformed personnel.

According to a report in Mid-Day, Dr Sanjay Mukherjee, vice-chairman and MD of CIDCO said, “CIDCO will further announce a mass housing scheme for citizens, at strategic locations in Navi Mumbai.”

CIDCO Lottery Covid Warriors

You can check the CIDCO Lottery 2021 Scheme details by clicking on the ‘Schemes at CIDCO’ tab on the homepage of CIDCO Lottery 2021. Here you can know all the details about the schemes that are available under CIDCO lottery 2021 Ghansoli, CIDCO lottery 2021 Kharghar, CIDCO lottery 2021 Taloja, CIDCO lottery 2021 Kalamboli and CIDCO lottery 2021 Dronagiri.

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021


Scheme Code

Scheme Name

Total Units

Income group

Base Cost (approx)





₨ 19,84,200 





₨ 27,94,700 





₨ 27,94,700 





₨ 19,84,200 





₨ 27,94,700 





₨ 27,94,700 





₨ 20,38,500 





₨ 28,44,200 





₨ 28,44,200 





₨ 20,24,000 





₨ 28,99,000 






₨ 28,62,000 





₨ 18,87,000 





₨ 20,27,000 





₨ 27,58,000 

Mentioned above are some of them. To access the entire list of schemes, you can scroll down the list on the homepage.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 project payment details

While 2,404 tenements out of 4,488 are ready for possession, the remaining 2,084 tenements located at Taloja Sector 34 and 36 (belonging to the CIDCO Lottery 2021 Taloja) will be tentatively ready by March 2023. The price of ‘EWS tenements’ ranges from Rs 18.87 lakhs to Rs 21.56 lakhs, depending on the location. The price of ‘General tenements’ ranges from Rs 27.57 lakhs to Rs 31.44 lakhs, based on the location chosen.

For the ready-possession houses, applicants can pay six installments in six months. Also, there is a full and final payment facility available for ready-possession tenements. For the houses located in Sector 34 and 36, Taloja, applicants have to follow the RERA schedule for houses.

The maintenance of common areas will be carried out by CIDCO, including running .expenses like electricity and water charges and allied repairs for two years. CIDCO will also carry out comprehensive maintenance of pumps and lifts for a period of five years.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 registration

You can register by logging on to You will see a pop-up like the picture below. Click on ‘Click here to apply’.


CIDCO Lottery 2021 Draw for COVID Warriors to be held on September 16


You will be led to where you have to click on the ‘Register Now’ button seen in red colour.


CIDCO Lottery 2021 Draw for COVID Warriors to be held on September 16


You will reach where you can start filling the application form.

The CIDCO COVID warriors scheme will cover government employees who have worked during the pandemic, including those involved in conducting surveys, tracing and tracking of people infected with COVID-19, as well as prevention, testing, treatment and relief activities. Police, home guards, district administration and contractual and daily wages staff, who are associated with COVID-related duties, can also take the benefit of this scheme. The spouse and legal heirs of deceased COVID warriors are also eligible to participate in the CIDCO Lottery 2021.

Once one has registered and applied for the scheme, it will take 24 hours for verification of documents. To facilitate serious buyers, the EMD for CIDCO Lottery 2021 will be Rs 2 lakhs for ‘EWS tenements’ and Rs 2.5 lakhs for ‘General tenements’.

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CIDCO Lottery 2021 final list of accepted applicants

The final list of accepted applications of CIDCO Lottery for Covid Warriors can be seen on the CIDCO lottery 2021 website at . You will reach here if you click on ‘Accepted Applications’ tab on the CIDCO lottery 2021 Navi Mumbai homepage. 

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021

Click on the ‘View’ button in blue and you will reach

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021

Click on the ‘View’ button of the scheme that you have shown interest on and you can see the final list of accepted applicants for the CIDCO lottery 2021 Covid warriors draw.. For eg. if you click on ‘View’ present on the scheme code -21-TALOJA_COVID_EWS in open category, you will see a list like the below shown picture.

CIDCO lottery 2021 lucky draw on October 29, 2021

CIDCO Lottery 2021: Financial assistance for paying EMD

CIDCO, on the request of some prospective applicants, has decided to permit its empanelled banks to provide financial assistance for payment of EMD to the prospective applicants of CIDCO Lottery 2021 COVID Warriors and Uniform Personnel Housing Scheme. Currently, Canara Bank, Axis Bank, TJSB Bank, South Indian Bank, SBI Bank and PNB Bank have given their consent for the same and consent from other banks is expected soon. Applicants are requested to contact these banks to avail of this facility. However, note that CIDCO will play no role in this and all transactions will be only between the prospective applicant and the concerned bank.

Contact numbers of the banks are as follows:

1)  TJSB Bank – Toll Free – 1800223466

  • Vashi Branch – 8451984952
  • Sec-12 Branch – 9594950570
  • Sanpada – 8424018985
  • Panvel – 8308974608
  • Kamothe- 7208942257

2) South Indian Bank – 8089001127 ,7008897331

3) Punjab National Bank-9800024840,7710002284,7276544885,8850530835,7620006489, 892879534, 9769497874,9309735251,9503862835

4) State Bank of India– 9870024127 , 9619994549

CIDCO Lottery 2021 EMD refund

Refund of EMD for applicants who are not winners of the CIDCO lottery 2021 will start from November 9, 2021 at 10 am.  Those applicants who have been waitlisted in CIDCO Lottery 2021 will have the option to take part in future schemes, if they retain the EMD with CIDCO (for which no interest is payable), subject to prevailing prices and terms and conditions of CIDCO at that time.

CIDCO Lottery 2021 application form online

List of documents required

Here’s a list of documents required for applying for the CIDCO housing scheme:

  • Income proof certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID

Step 1

Log on to

Step 2

If you are a new user, click on the ‘Register For Lottery’ tab.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Applicant Registration Form, where you have to enter the basic details along with your mobile number, which will be used for all future communication.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 4

On the next screen, furnish your PAN card, Aadhaar Card and bank details, for refunds. You will also need to upload a cancelled cheque, as well as passport-size photo of the applicant.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 5

Once you confirm the registration, you will be redirected to a screen, where you will be able to see whether your uploaded documents are approved by CIDCO. This might take up to 24 hours.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 6

Once your documents are approved, the ‘Apply’ button will be enabled. Select the scheme that you want to apply for and note the code number for the same. You can select the scheme from the drop-down menu.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 7

The applicant can apply for the scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 8

Select applicant type. You can apply for the scheme individually, as well as jointly. If you are applying jointly, furnish the basic details and PAN card information, which will have to be approved by the CIDCO officers.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 9

Select the allotment preference, if you have any. Read the terms and conditions and whether you would be interested in other schemes, which have vacant apartments.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Step 10

Confirm the application and lottery details. You can use NEFT/RTGS, credit card, or net banking, for making the payment. Print the acknowledgment slip, sign at the applicable places with the applicant’s photograph. Upload this slip and proceed to the payment.

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

CIDCO announces lottery for over 14,000 affordable houses in Navi Mumbai

Applicants can contact on 1800222756 for more information about the lottery details. The CIDCO helpline can be contacted for technical help, at 8448446683 or 022-62722255. 

Applicants can also apply for the housing scheme through CIDCO Lottery mobile app.

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CIDCO post Lottery portal: CIDCO Nivara Kendra

Once you win the CIDCO lottery, you have to login to the CIDCO Nivara Kendra portal that is also known as the post lottery portal where details including documents required for verification, appointment for verification, allotment letter etc. can be accessed. You can reach the CIDCO Nivara Kendra website on

CIDCO Nivara Kendra

CIDCO Lottery old schemes

CIDCO Lottery 2020 for Police

CIDCO lottery 2020 for police gave over 4,400 units to the eligible applicants employed with the Maharashtra Police Force. These units are available in Taloja, Kharghar, Kalamboli, Ghansoli and Dronagiri. Most of these apartments are in the LIG and MIG categories and are available at a starting price of Rs 28 lakhs. The document verification of Police lottery – 2020 has been published. To check login to your Cidco Nivara Kendra account.

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Vastu Vihar Celebration Housing Scheme

Around 45 units were offered near Kharghar railway station.

Unnati Housing Scheme

Around 31 units were allotted in Ulwe, within walking distance from the Bamandongri railway station.

Swapnapurti Housing Scheme 2019

Under the Swapnapurti Housing Scheme 2019, around 814 units were allotted to applicants belonging to the economically weaker section (EWS) and lower-income group (LIG) categories at Sector 37, Kharghar. Allotment letter for Swapnapurti Scheme is published in login on the CIDCO website. Winners of the CIDCO lottery have to as per the payment schedule given in the letter and take possession of the flat.

To proceed with CIDCO lottery Swapnapurti Housing Scheme 2019 payment, click on online payment on the CIDCO homepage and select the Swapnapurthi payment option.


Swapnapurti Payment


You will reach


Swapnapurti Payment_1


Please enter your reference number and press submit. For the correct reference number of CIDCO lottery Swapnapurti scheme entered, details of instalments will appear on the screen. For each instalment, there is a checkbox. Select the particular checkbox for which you want to pay instalment, scroll down and click on ‘proceed to pay’ button. After successful payment, you will see the receipt number against paid instalment in the last column. Note that once a challan is generated it will be valid till 11.59:59 pm of the challan generation date.

CIDCO Mass Housing Scheme 

Under the Mass Housing Scheme, around 9,249 homes were allotted to the applicants in the EWS and LIG categories. The result of the online appeal of Masshousing – 2019 has been published. Login to your account and check the result.

For CIDCO lottery Mass Housing Scheme  payment, click on ‘Mass Housing Payment’ under ‘online payment’ on the CIDCO homepage. You will reach\


CIDCO Mass Housing


Please enter your reference number and press submit. You will see the details of instalments once the correct reference number of CIDCO lottery is  entered.  Select the checkbox for which you want to pay instalment and proceed to pay. After successful payment, you will see the receipt number against paid instalment in the last column. Remember that once a challan is generated it will be valid till 11.59:59 pm of the challan generation date.

Valley Shilp Scheme

Under the Valley Shilp scheme, CIDCO will allot MIG and HIG flats in Sector 36, Kharghar, one of the premium areas in Navi Mumbai.

NRI Seawoods scheme

CIDCO is offering only 17 units in the HIG category at a starting cost of Rs 2.88 crores. These units are located in Seawoods Estates Phase 2. The project is also ready-to-move-in. 


CIDCO Lottery: How to use Citizen Portal- Estate services?

Also known as the town services department, it manages the leases that have been granted by CIDCO – both, plots and CIDCO-built premises. It is responsible for all the post-agreement functions for the entire lease period. Once you win a CIDCO lottery, this may be of use to you.

To use these services, click on ‘citizen/business services’ on the homepage and select Estate CFC from the drop-down box. You will reach

Click on ‘Submit online CFC application’. In the ‘Know Your Scheme and Apply for Service’ form, fill in details including node, sector, block, plot number and your scheme, select the service and click on apply for service.


Cidco Lottery 2021: Everything that you should know


You will have to fill in details for getting that particular service. For example, if you choose amalgamation of plots/flats as the service, then, you will get a form for the same that has to be duly filled and submitted.


Cidco 2021: Everything that you should know


After filling the details, check the service  request status. Finally, enter the document/challan or reference number and make an online payment for the service.


Cidco Lottery 2021: Everything that you should know


Can you sell CIDCO flats?

The state government is planning to legalise the transfer of flats allotted in CIDCO projects in Navi Mumbai. At present, the beneficiaries who are allotted CIDCO flats, cannot sell it for at least five years. Now, with the amnesty scheme, those buyers who have given power of attorney to transfer their CIDCO flat before the five-year term, can get the transaction legalised.


CIDCO service charges

To pay the CIDCO service charges, go to


Cidco Service charges payment

Enter your consumer no/UID and captcha code and press submit to proceed with payment.

If you don’t know consumer no/UID, click on ‘ click here to searh your customer No./UID’ and you will be led to


Know your property ID CIDCO


Enter the details like node, sector no. property UID or name and press on submit and you will get your consumer number/UID number.

Note that e-payment facility of service charges and water charges bills are free presently for CIDCO consumers for all types of transactions. However, CIDCO reserves the right to charge fees from users for availing the service. 


CIDCO water bill payment

To check the revised water charges go to


Revised water charges CIDCO


To pay online water bill charges, go to


CIDCO water bill


Enter your consumer no./UID and captcha code and submit to proceed with online payment.

CIDCO online water challan charges 

To pay the CIDCO online water challan charges go to


CIDCO water challan bill


Enter the consumer no., select the node from the drop down box, enter email id, mobile number, captcha code and press submit to proceed with the online payment.


CIDCO grievance redressal

If you have any grievance regarding CIDCO related service, you can make use of the CIDCO grievance redressal. While both online and offline modes are available, CIDCO recommends the use of the online medium for a speedy and effective response. Visiting time to meet chief grievance redressal officer (CGRO) is 2pm to 5pm monday and thursday only.

To use the online medium, log on to


CIDCO Grievance redressal


Here, login with your citizen email id and password and enter the captcha text and login. If you don’t have an account, first register and then proceed. Once you login, lodge your grievance and you will get a reference number once a complaint is lodged.

View grievance status 

To view grievance status, first go to and login with your email id or mobile number, password and captcha. Then, click on ‘view grievance status’ and you will be directed to a new page where you have to enter the reference number and click on ‘View Status’. The status of your complaint will be displayed on screen.


CIDCO Lottery latest news

January 6,2022

CIDCO to appoint external agency for sale of houses

Helioscart, a JV of Thoughtrains Private Limited and Heliosmedium Bazar Private Limited with a bid of Rs 730 crore may win the contract to manage marketing, branding, sales and after sale services of CIDCO’s affordable housing project under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) that is estimated to be worth Rs 18,000 crore.

According to an Indian Express report three companies- Heliosmedium Bazaar Pvt Ltd, Krystal Integrated Services Pvt Ltd and Rahul Cables Pvt Ltd, qualified for the contract on the basis of technical evaluation. After financial evaluation that opened on December 1, 2021, one company will be awarded the contract. While Krystal Integrated Services Pvt Ltd.’s bid was around Rs 754 crore, Rahul Cables Pvt Ltd.’s bid Rs 774 crore for the project.

CIDCO had invited for Expression of Interest for appointment of a private agency to manage marketing, branding, sale and after sale services for around 9000 units of residential and commercial CIDCO’s Mega Housing Project under the PMAY housing scheme in various nodes of Navi Mumbai for a period of 42 months + 24 months.

This is the first time since inception that CIDCO has appointed an external agency. Till now, CIDCO internally used to execute and manage the advertising, marketing and CIDCO lottery/ allotment of houses of the scheme.

The agency will be responsible for the preparatory phase that may be for 3 months, sale launch and post-launch functionalities. The consultant will outline guidelines for improved start-to-end customer experience.


December 10, 2021

CIDCO Lottery for police personnel

The Maharashtra government along with CIDCO is planning various schemes for providing housing and quarters for police personnel.  According to Eknath Shinde, Urban Development and PWD Minister, this step is in line with addressing their housing issues even after they retire from service.  

CIDCO Lottery 2021: Plots to be geo-tagged, deadline for 1st and 2nd installments extended

In a bid to allow candidates to know the exact location of their desired plot, CIDCO has started the process of geo-tagging plots. Its different plot sale schemes – both, residential and commercial – may be demarcated and fenced, with a panel in front, describing the particulars of the plot including barcode, area of the plot, plot number, sector and node. Additionally, if the applicants are unable to pay the first and second installment within the deadline, CIDCO has provided relief by extending the deadline for the first installment by three months and for the second instalment to 10 months. Note that this facility is available, only in case of deserving candidates who will have to pay delay payment charges.


CIDCO contact information

If you have any issue regarding the online payments, you may contact the helpdesk during office hours, at:

Citizen Facilitation Center, Ground Floor, CIDCO Bhavan, CBD Belapur.

Phone: 022 67918174



Who will benefit from CIDCO’s special Housing Scheme?

COVID warriors and uniformed personnel will benefit from this scheme that is launched for them


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