Décor trends that will define 2018

As the year 2017 comes to an end, here’s a look at the home décor trends that are likely to be popular in 2018 and what will become outdated

Sustainable designs in 2018

The year 2018 is likely to witness a change in design scenarios, with sensible and sustainable designs taking precedence.

“We are in an age of limited resources and we need to make the best of it. Inclusion of nature and natural materials, will become trendier. Eco-friendly décor will become the norm, as more people opt for energy saving devices, natural, biodegradable materials and solar panels,” says Prashant Chauhan, creative director of Zero 9 design firm, Mumbai.

Green elements will remain an integral part of décor, with architects and interior designers focusing on providing ample greenery in buildings and atriums, through vertical gardens, terrace gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.


Multiple styles

According to Shantanu Garg, founder and creative director of Shantanu Garg Designs, interior décor in 2018, is likely to focus on specific objects. “Objects like art pieces, chandeliers, sculptures and artifacts of various styles, will be used and blended together, for a homogenous setting. There will be a contrast of multiple styles, on a modern backdrop,” says Garg.


Dark themes

Home owners are likely to have greater acceptance of dark tones in the new year.

Shades of grey and taupe will act as neutral colours, while turquoise, pink, green, blue and violet will be used as accents. Also with décor trends focusing on a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles, metal accessories will become an obvious choice, to add glamour to a space. Metals like copper, brass and steel and silver and golden accessories and different metal techniques (leafing, gilding, cladding, etc.) that are used on furniture and walls, will be in vogue.

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Smart homes will be in vogue

Digital technology will impact home décor in a big way, influencing our choices and lifestyle. With several companies offering ‘home assistant’ technologies, transforming a home into a smart home within a budget range, will become possible, says Chauhan.

“From home automation to kitchen appliances, people will turn to technology. Décor trends will be ruled by lifestyle, from having ultra-modern kitchens with organic gardens, to party spaces, as well as wellness spaces. There will be a more unconventional approach, towards designing bathrooms, kitchens and layouts,” adds Garg. The choice of furniture will also be towards pieces that offer comfort, as well as aesthetics.


Made in India

“Nowadays, the clients want a slight desi touch, in the décor. Hence, we will see more of Indian furniture and crafts, in contemporary avatars, in 2018. There will be an increase in awareness about furniture, crafts and textiles that are indigenous to India,” maintains Chauhan. With greater sensitivity among consumers, towards the artisans who spend hours creating handmade products, ethnic influences in modern homes, will increase. Designers too, are striving to create home décor products using ethnic crafts and art forms.

“Home furniture in 2018, is likely to have a ratio of 1:2:3, in terms of traditional: classic: modern. People may also do something off-beat, like having modern international furniture but upholstered with fabric that is traditional Indian,” claims Garg.

Ultimately, home owners need to remember that good design never goes out of trend and they should choose their home décor, keeping this basic principle in mind.


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