Circle rates in Faridabad

Mentioned below are the prevailing circle rates in some of the key areas of Faridabad

As is true of all real estate transactions, home buyers in Faridabad have to pay stamp duty and registration charges on the purchase of properties. These charges are calculated, based on the Faridabad circle rate (also known as ready reckoner rate, guidance value or collector rate in various areas), as determined by the Haryana government through the sub-registrar’s office.


Circle rate of flats in Faridabad in 2020

Type of constructionCircle rate per sq ft
All group housing cooperative societies, Greater FaridabadRs 3,100
Housing boardRs 3,400
Flats in licensed colonies, FaridabadRs 4,000
Flats of licensed colony – Neharpar, Greater Faridabad within municipal limitsRs 3,400
Flats of licensed colony – Neharpar, Greater Faridabad outside municipal limitsRs 3,400



Floor-wise circle rates of property in Faridabad

Rates are per sq ft

Type of constructionGround floorFirst floorSecond floor
Sector floor in HUDARs 4,300Rs 4,000Rs 4,000
Floor in licensed colonies in Faridabad other than in Neharpar areaRs 4,500Rs 4,300Rs 4,300
Floor in licensed colonies in Neharpar within municipal limitsRs 3,700Rs 3,700Rs 3,700
Floor in Old FaridabadRs 3,500Rs 3,000Rs 2,900
Floor in licensed colonies in Neharpar outside municipal limitsRs 3,500Rs 3,500Rs 3,500



Circle rates in Faridabad for residential plots

HUDA Sector plotsRate per sq yard for plot of up to 500 sq yards (in Rs)Rate per sq yard for plot of more than 500 sq yards (in Rs)
Sector 1440,00037,000
Sector 1638,00035,000
Sector 1736,00032,000
Sector 1827,00024,000
Sector 18A26,00024,000
Sector 1927,00025,000
Sector 21A30,00027,000
Sector 21B30,00027,000
Sector 2827,00025,000
Sector 2926,00025,000
Sectors 30 and 3127,00024,000
Durga Builder Colony20,00020,000
Indraprastha Colony25,00025,000
Spring Field Colony25,00025,000
Ashoka Enclave32,00032,000
Neharpar sectors 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 89,9030,00030,000



To get the full list of the proposed circle rates in Faridabad, click here.


Stamp duty and registration charges in Faridabad

Ownership typeStamp dutyRegistration charges
Man7%Up to Rs 15,000
Woman5%Up to Rs 15,000
Joint6%Up to Rs 15,000


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Calculation of stamp duty on flats in Faridabad based on circle rates


Stamp duty and registration


Since the area and the amenities are the single biggest factor, based on which the stamp duty is charged, you need to find out about the built-up area and the amenities in the house, to calculate stamp duty payment. Depending on the type of property – builder floor, apartment and house on plot – check the applicable circle rates in the area in which the property is located.

After that, you can calculate the minimum assessed value as per the current circle rate, using the following formula:


For apartments in a housing society

Carpet up area in sq ft x applicable circle rates


For builder floors

Built-up area in sq yard x applicable circle rates


For plots

Plot area in sq yard x applicable circle rate


For independent homes built on plots

Plot area in sq yard x applicable circle rate for land added to (+) built-up area in sq ft x minimum cost of construction

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Stamp duty calculation example

Assume that Rama Devi has bought a flat in a HUDA sector in Faridabad, where the applicable circle rate is currently Rs 3,100 per sq ft. Considering that the house has a carpet area of 1,000 sq ft and the prevalent circle rates, she would register the property for Rs 31 lakhs. Now, the government will charge 5% as stamp duty on this amount, as the property is being registered in a woman’s name.  This brings the stamp duty amount to Rs 1.55 lakhs. She will also have to pay an additional Rs 15,000 as registration charges.  Thus, the overall cost of the property would total up to Rs 32.70 lakhs.



What is the stamp duty on property registration in Faridabad?

Stamp duty is 7% for men and 5% of the property value for women buyers.

What is the registration charge on property purchase in Faridabad?

Buyers have to pay up to Rs 15,000 as the registration charge.

What is the stamp duty rate for jointly owned properties in Faridabad?

The stamp duty for properties bought in joint names of a man and a woman in Faridabad is 6% of the property value.


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