Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2019: Best dates for a house warming ceremony

A Griha Pravesh ceremony is believed to bring in positivity and good fortune, for the people who live in the house. Here’s your Shubh Muhurat guide so that you can plan in advance, for a perfect Griha Pravesh in 2019

A ‘Griha Pravesh’ or a house warming ceremony is a one-time ritual that is performed, when one enters a new home for the first time, for living in it. Experts recommend that the entire Griha Pravesh ceremony should be performed smoothly, as this ceremony marks the beginning of one’s residence in the property. Hence, it is especially important to ensure that there is no mistake, while deciding the Griha Pravesh date and the timing for entering the home and timing of the puja.

1. Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurat dates in 2019

Narendra Jain, expert at Arihant Vastu, explains that the “Griha Pravesh dates are calculated, according to the Panchang. By consulting an expert, you can get the ‘shubh’ (auspicious) dates that also comply with the Vastu of your new home. The most suitable dates for Griha Pravesh in 2019 are:

Griha Pravesh dates in January 2019 (Magha)

  • There are no auspicious dates for a Griha Pravesh during this month.

Griha Pravesh dates in February 2019 (Faghun)

  • February 9
  • February 10 (Basant Panchami)
  • February 14
  • February 15
  • February 21
  • February 23
  • February 25

Griha Pravesh dates in March 2019 (Chaitra)

  • March 2
  • March 7
  • March 8
  • March 9
  • March 13
  • March 21
  • March 22
  • March 25
  • March 29
  • March 30

Griha Pravesh dates in April 2019 (Baisakha)

  • April 6 (Gudi Padwa)
  • April 19

Griha Pravesh dates in May 2019 (Baisakha/Jyestha)

  • May 2
  • May 6
  • May 7 (Akshaya Tritiya – consult an expert)
  • May 16
  • May 18
  • May 23
  • May 29
  • May 30

Griha Pravesh dates in June 2019 (Jyestha/Ashadh)

  • June 3
  • June 10
  • June 13
  • June 19
  • June 20

Griha Pravesh dates from Mid-June to October 2019 (Ashadh, Sharavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin)

  • There are no auspicious dates during this period. Griha Pravesh during these months brings in negative energy and can result in financial losses and health problems.

Griha Pravesh dates in October 2019 (Ashwin)

  • October 30 (Consult an expert before selecting a date in October)

Griha Pravesh dates in November 2019 (Kartik)

  • November 9
  • November 13
  • November 21
  • November 22
  • November 30

Griha Pravesh dates in December 2019 (Margshirsh/Paus)

  • December 6
  • December 7
  • December 12″

The period from July 2019 to the last week of October 2019, will not be auspicious for a Griha Pravesh, adds Jain. “Depending on which Panchang is followed, you may find a few more dates that are suitable for the Griha Pravesh. Some of the dates have a very short time span, during which you can perform the Griha Pravesh. Therefore, consult an expert to know the exact time, before you finalise the date,” Jain advises.

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2. Griha Pravesh puja

Try to complete all the finishing work in your new home, well before the Griha Pravesh day. Consult an expert, while choosing the colour and interiors for your home, to avoid conflict with Vastu Shastra.

Decorate your home with flowers and bright lights, as it is believed that this will bring positive energy to your home.

It is important to prepare well, before you perform the Griha Pravesh. Book the ‘pandit/pujari’ in advance, to avoid last-minute unavailability. Arrange the list of items that would be required during the puja and get it checked by the pujari. Start the puja at the exact time which is auspicious. Invite only close relatives and friends for the puja to avoid chaos at home. You may organise a party for a bigger gathering, later.

3. Other important points to consider, for a Griha Pravesh ceremony

“If you are looking to perform a house warming ceremony within a year’s time, then, you must lock your dates well in advance. In a new project, several unit holders may get the possession of their properties at the same time. Therefore, many people may schedule their respective Griha Pravesh ceremonies during the same period and you may face difficulty in booking the party hall in the society or a nearby location. We too faced this problem and finally got space in our own society but we had to delay the Griha Pravesh by six months,” says Abhishek Sharma, who lives in Karol Bagh, Delhi and works as a senior executive in a multi-national corporation.

Before finalising the Griha Pravesh date, check your children’s school/exam schedule, to avoid conflict. Try to choose a time, when you and your children have a holiday from work and school, respectively. If you are choosing Griha Pravesh date that falls close to any of the big festivals, then, first check the availability of the pujari and party space and also check whether your close relatives/friends would be able to attend.

4. Dates for Griha Pravesh muhurat in 2018

According to Vastu expert Narendra Jain of Arihant Vastu, “The list of important Griha Pravesh dates in 2018 are:

  • April month: 19th, 20th and 27th
  • May month: 2nd and 11th
  • June month: 22nd, 25th, 29th and 30th
  • July month: 5th
  • November: 8th and 9th
  • December month: A few dates are available but it is advisable to consult your astrologer.”