Commercial areas to be cleaned at night: Noida CEO

Sweeping, in the commercial areas of Noida, will take place during the night instead of day, the Noida Authority has decided, with markets’ associations lauding the move

The Noida Authority’s newly-appointed chief executive officer (CEO) Ritu Maheshwari, on July 17, 2019, said that cleanliness drives should be carried out in commercial areas of the city, during night time. “With vehicles occupying a lot of space in markets during the day, it becomes difficult for sanitation workers to effectively sweep the area. Hence, this decision,” she added. The Authority officials did not mention by when this new directive would be implemented but said it would be done ‘soon’.

Sector 18 Market Association president Sushil Kumar Jain, said the new CEO’s decision was a commendable step, which would not only send out a good message about cleanliness but also boost trade opportunities. “We had been demanding this for a long time. Earlier also, similar efforts were made but could not sustain for long. This time, we are hopeful it will work. There is also need for dustbins at various spots in markets, which will help in maintaining cleanliness,” he said.

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“We are thankful to the new CEO for according priority to markets and traders but we hope her instructions are effectively implemented by the Authority staff,” Jain added.

Maheshwari held an inter-department meeting, where she also directed officials to ensure elimination of open dumping spots at public areas within 45 days. “There are 360 such open dumping zones in the city and the Health, Civil and Horticulture Departments have been asked to work in tandem, to ensure their clearance and beautification of these sites by August 31,” Maheshwari said.


Noida Authority to observe ‘month of beautification’ for the city, in November

Roads free of potholes and encroachments and streetlight poles without any posters, will be the priority works for the Noida Authority, which declared that it will observe November as the ‘month of beautification’

October 18, 2018: Noida Authority chairman and chief executive officer Alok Tandon, has directed all wings of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) engaged in maintaining civic amenities, to ensure the beautification of the city during the month of November. “All streets and roads shall be pothole-free and resurfaced, wherever needed, while all footpaths and central verges shall be repaired and painted as per need,” the Noida Authority said, in a statement. “Unpaved right of way shall be made dust-free by the Horticultural Department, while all water and sewer campuses, including the sewage treatment plants, shall be painted as per need,” it added.

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The Authority said it would also ensure that all overhead water and sewer pipelines were rid of rust and painted as required, while all work circles should strictly take care of removing encroachments in their area. “The Electrical Department shall ensure that all streetlight poles are free from advertisements, posters and banners. They (poles) must be painted,” it said.

The Public Health Department has been directed to ensure cleaning of all drains, while the officials concerned will make sure that the roads dedicated for mechanical sweeping were cleaned mechanically, the statement added. “The Horticultural Department shall ensure beautification of all central verge and green belts and that vertical gardens are planted under the metro rail tracks and elevated roads in the city,” it said. According to the statement, all senior officials concerned shall obtain the necessary approval for their respective works, within this month.


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