Septic tank Vastu guidelines you should follow during house construction

The right construction and placement of a septic tank in a building is vital for maintaining the positive energy flow in the house. Mentioned in this article are some useful septic tank Vastu tips. 

There are a lot of things to consider during the construction of a house. The role of a septic tank in a building is important since it is a facility built for the safe disposal of wastewater. The ancient principles of Vastu emphasise on the right construction and placement of such structures to ensure that the negative energies emanating from them do not impact the house. 

The right location for a septic tank as per Vastu in a house is the northwest corner. The placement of the tank should be in this direction irrespective of the direction of the house.


Best location of septic tank as per Vastu Shastra

A septic tank is an underground structure made of concrete or brickwork that collects waste material from the kitchen and bathrooms. The tanks separate solid waste from liquids. Natural processes take place to break down the solids and liquid into sludge and gases in the presence of anaerobic bacteria. 

In earlier days, the placement of septic tanks was not given much importance owing to the lesser population. With the growing population and urbanisation, septic tanks have become crucial during house construction. Installation of a septic tank in the right location is crucial. According to Vastu Shastra, the incorrect placement of the septic tank can lead to financial and health problems. Moreover, any damage to the tank can negatively impact the environment while affecting the positive flow of energies in the house. So, the septic tank location as per Vastu must be carefully chosen during the construction stage.

The northwest direction is the ideal direction to keep a house septic tank, irrespective of the direction of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the right location of a septic tank is determined by dividing the north zone into nine equal parts. Once the parts are created, the septic tank should be placed in the third part of the northwest direction. 

Septic Tank Vastu Direction

The septic tank, as per Vastu concepts, must be constructed in the west of the northwest direction of the house. Do not install the pipes in the south direction as it can result in the loss of mental peace and lead to legal troubles. 

If the outlet is towards the south, then divert the pipes towards the east or north direction. The gutter of the structure can be constructed in the north, east or west directions. Avoid the south direction. In the case of multi-storey buildings, one should avoid installing the drainage pipes connected to septic tank in the southwest corner as per Vastu principles. 

During house construction, ensure the outlet of toilet pipes and bathroom pipes are in the west or northwest direction. The outlet of kitchen pipes should be in the east or north direction. If not, they can be diverted towards these directions. 

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Septic tank size as per Vastu

The size of the house septic tank must also be given importance during the house construction. It is essential to construct and install a septic tank as per the right dimensions. When placing the tank, the length of the tank should be in the east-west direction, while the breadth should be in the south-north direction.

Vastu tips for septic tank placement: Dos and Don’ts

  • A septic tank should never be built in the north, east or northeast direction of the house as it could have a negative effect on the health of the family. 
  • As per Vastu for septic tank, the outlets of the tank should not face the south direction. 
  • There should not be bedrooms, pooja rooms, or the kitchen built directly above a septic tank when constructing a house. 
  • A septic tank, in Vastu, is a source of negative energy. So, considering the idea of designing the house entrance to invite positive energies in Vastu shastra principles, avoid constructing a septic tank in front of the main entrance. 
  • There should be a minimum distance of two feet between a wall and the tank. The tank should not be above the plinth level or touch the boundary wall. This is a crucial point to consider when choosing the Septic tank location as per Vastu Shastra.


Impact of septic tank in different Vastu directions

Placement of Septic Tank (Direction) Effects
East Causes health-related problems, especially related to digestive system
North Hinders professional growth and leads to career-related problems
West Impacts profitability and can cause property-related disputes
Northeast Leads to health problems such as neurological disorders and memory loss.
Southeast Results in financial difficulties, obstacles in life, marital problems, and childbirth related problems

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Where should be septic tank as per Vastu?

The septic tank must be constructed in the northwest direction of the house.

Can a septic tank be placed under the staircase as per Vastu Shastra?

Since staircases are usually constructed outside a house, a septic tank can be placed under a staircase, according to Vastu Shastra.

Where should the septic tank be placed in an east facing house?

Vastu for septic tank for east facing house should be in the northwest side of the house. Whether your house is east facing or west facing, you should keep in mind the right location for Septic tank as per Vastu. Avoid construction of the tank near the house entrance.

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