Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets

If you are remodelling or constructing a bathroom in your home, here are some Vastu Shastra guidelines, to ensure that it helps create an overall positive environment at home for all family members

Most families put a great deal of energy and effort, in designing and remodelling their living space. The reason behind this, is that the drawing room and hall are the areas that your guests see and hence, it should be presentable. However, home owners need to give equal importance to every room, because every space can be moulded to emit positive energy. Bathrooms and toilets are often the most neglected spaces. It is unwise to leave a much-frequented space uncared for. A bathroom/toilet space that is not Vastu-compliant, can lead to financial issues or loss of wealth or even health issues for family members, stress or even minor accidents. If you are looking to construct or remodel your bathroom or rectify the Vastu of the bathroom, here are some tips to begin with:


Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets


Why should bathrooms be Vastu-compliant?

A majority of Indian home owners prefer Vastu-compliant homes, because of the belief that it will ensure positive energy within the house. Even those who are not very particular about following Vastu Shastra norms, agree that it may be easier to sell a home in the secondary market, if it is Vastu-compliant and devoid of any doshas. Vastu Shastra has guidelines for every room in your home – the direction of the rooms, colours that can be used, ways to correct defects, if any, etc. In this article, we look at how to make your bath and wash space Vastu-compliant.


Bathroom direction as per Vastu

The bathroom must be in the north or north-west portion of your house. Do not build the bath area in the south direction or even in the south-east or south-west direction, as it is said to have a negative impact on the health of the people in the house. The toilet should be constructed one to two feet higher than the ground level.


Vastu for bathroom utilities and fixtures

  • Mirrors in the bathroom should be put up on the northern or eastern wall of the bathroom.
  • Electrical fittings, such as geysers, can be placed in the south-east side.
  • Exhaust fans, or if you have a window for ventilation, must face the east or north-east direction.
  • Washbasins should be in the east, north or north-east part of the bathroom.
  • The shower should also be located in the east, north or north-east part.
  • The washing machine should be placed in the south-east and north-west direction.


Vastu Shastra tips for bathrooms


Vastu for bathroom doors

  • Bathroom doors should be in the north or east direction.
  • Use a wooden door and avoid metal doors. Avoid ornate statues of gods and goddesses on the bathroom doors.
  • Bathroom doors should be kept closed at all times, as it is said that leaving it open could let negative energy pervade into your personal relationships.


Vastu for bathrooms


Vastu colours for bathrooms

Opt for light colours for the bathroom, such as beige and cream. Avoid colours such as black and dark blue or even red. Other suitable colours for your bathroom are brown and even white. Many people choose dark tiles or paint for their bath spaces but it is not recommended as per Vastu. From a cleanliness perspective also, lighter colours will help you spot dirt and help you attend to such areas.


Vastu Shastra for toilets


Wall-sharing with the bathroom

According to bedroom Vastu principles, beds should not be placed close to the bathroom or toilet space. Ensure that the bathroom does not share its wall with your bedroom or your kitchen or sanctified places like the pooja room.


Vastu for toilets


Vastu for bathroom drainage

Water outlets and drainage must be in the north, east or north-east and the slope of the bathroom should be in the same direction.


Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets


Vastu for attached and separate bathrooms

Ideally, toilets and bathrooms should not be attached, as per Vastu Shastra. However, due to space crunch, most urban homes cannot afford such a facility. Therefore, attached bathrooms are popular and widely used.


Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets


Best location for bathroom and toilets in your home

Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets


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Vastu rules for bathroom with attached toilet

Placement of commode or water closet

This should not be above or under a pooja room or even a fire or bed space. It should be aligned in the north-south axis.

Placement of toilet

Avoid installing the toilet in the centre or even in the north east or south-west corner of your house.

Placement of septic tank

Septic tanks should not be on the south side of the toilet. Its best location is towards the west side of the house or the north-west of the house. The tank must be higher than the floor level of the building.

Placement of attached toilet

An attached toilet should not be in the south-east or south-west side.

Placement of taps and water storage

Do not put taps in the south-west or south-east. Also, do not store water in this direction.

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If you go through the rules for construction of a bathroom and toilet space within your home, you will understand that the Vastu Shastra is not just about ensuring positive energy within your household but following these rules will also help you keep your space hygienic and utilitarian at all times.


Vastu and stage of construction

It is better to incorporate Vastu elements, right when you begin the construction. It may be difficult to incorporate changes once the house is ready for possession, complete with all the pipelines, properly arranged shelves and the direction of the washbasins, bathtubs, etc., already fixed. This may even result in a negative impact after setting in.


Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets


Impact of incorrect placement of bathrooms, toilets

Direction Impact
NorthImpediments to business growth and wealth. It is said to hamper upcoming opportunities.
North-eastMay cause health problems among family members.
EastHealth problems affecting the digestive system and liver. Inhabitants may also be cut-off from society.
South-eastFinancial problems or problems with marriage or childbirth, may happen.
SouthLegal issues or loss of repute in business.
South-westRelationship, health, or career-related problems may arise.
WestProperty-related problems may arise. Non-fulfillment of dreams and mission.
North-westMay make it difficult to sell a property. One may not receive support from people around them.


How to remove negative energy from the bathroom?

Vastu says that both, glass and salt, are factors of Rahu. You could place a glass cup filled with salt in the bath and toilet space. It is said to remove Vastu defects.

As per aromatherapy, you can freshen the bathroom, by adding a few drops of lemongrass oil into the toilet bowl. Keep the area clean and hygienic.


Avoid toilets in the east direction

Always make sure that the toilet/bathroom in your house, is not in the east direction. If you were unable to avoid it, try using bamboo on the roof of such a place, which will help reduce the ill effects.



Where should bathroom be as per Vastu?

The bathroom in a house must be in the north or north-west portion.

What should be the color of bathroom according to Vastu?

Avoid dark colours in the bathroom. Light colours, such as beige and cream, are ideal for the bathroom, as per Vastu Shastra.


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