Talegaon: An attractive destination for second homes, near Mumbai and Pune

We examine that factors that make Talegaon an attractive location for second homes, especially for buyers from Mumbai and Pune

With metropolitan cities becoming overcrowded, expensive and polluted, the demand for second homes, is increasing, as people look to spend time away from the crowd. Whether it is Mumbai or Pune, both the cities have almost exhausted their existing land bank. As home buyers in these cities do not get much breathing space, a second home allows them the opportunity to spend some time away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Talegaon is one such location that is equally attractive for second home buyers from Pune, as well as Mumbai, as it offers several benefits in comparison to other destinations in the area.


Development prospects in Talegaon

According to a report by Colliers India, the Chakan‐Talegaon cluster is characterised by huge demand for manufacturing plants and their associated warehouses, as well as multi‐purpose warehouses catering to the demand from e‐commerce and 3PL (third-party logistics) operators, who are looking to lease large contiguous warehouse space. Consequently, experts believe that the Talegaon belt has vast business potential, especially with the ample land space available in the area. With employment opportunities and businesses flourishing in the area, second home buyers in Talegaon can get the benefit of good capital appreciation, if they wish to sell their property in the future.


Property prices and property types in Talegaon

As Talegaon has ample land bank, the property rates are quite low. You can get a luxurious property with bigger and better amenities and at a more economical price, than affordable homes in Mumbai or Pune. Properties for sale in Talegaon in the luxury segment often come with amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouse, gym, security system and other facilities.

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Location advantage of Talegaon

According to Raj Shah, director of the Namrata Group, Talegaon has a big advantage due to its convenient and easily-accessible location. “It is located within a one-hour driving distance from Pune and around three to four hours from Mumbai. The benefit of having a second home in such a location, is that you can look after your property at a regular interval. It is easy to maintain the property and you can drive to spend your weekend and return on Monday to resume work,” he explains.

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Infrastructure in Talegaon

There are several hospitals, schools and colleges in the town. Most of the popular banks are present in the area. There are parks, clubs, good hotels and restaurants, as well as multiplexes in the area for recreational activities. There is a railway station in Talegaon, which makes it easier to commute to Pune, as well as Mumbai. People living in Talegaon can access the airport of Pune, which is within a one-hour distance. The Navi Mumbai Airport, which will become operational in the future, will be two hours away from Talegaon.


Talegaon: A pollution-free location

Talegaon has an abundance of greenery and it offers a pollution-free environment to its residents. Less smoke, less noise and lots of breathing space, make Talegaon one of the best second home destinations near Mumbai and Pune.

Talegaon is also an ideal location for people who work from home, as it is highly affordable and located close to Mumbai and Pune. All these factors make Talegaon a very attractive realty destination for second homes.


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