How to check the construction quality of a project

While home buyers may not be able to ascertain the quality of a project on their own, they can look for third-party audits and certifications pertaining to a project, to get a fair idea

It is common for developers to sell pre-launch, under-construction or completed flats, without any guarantee on the quality of construction. While rate, location, design, connectivity, etc., are all important aspects, construction quality is the most important factor when buying a home.

According to experts, many buyers, after taking possession of their flats, realise that the quality of construction is not up-to-the-mark and not as promised, at the time of purchase. The problems mostly pertain to leakage, sub-standard flooring, uneven plastering of walls, inferior quality of plumbing and electric wiring, and faulty alignment of doors, window frames and grills.

“The quality of building materials used, not only affects the safety of projects, environment-friendliness and resource conservation but also impacts people’s vital interests and socio-economic development. If a developer doesn’t deliver quality projects, his goodwill will take a hit,” explains Gaurav Shah, director of sales and marketing, Ravi Group.

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How can a property buyer ascertain the quality of construction?

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) has also developed a code of conduct, to instil a sense of confidence among customers. This code has been voluntarily adopted by all 11,500 members of CREDAI spread across 154 cities and 23 states. “Dissatisfied customers have the option to approach CREDAI’s Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, which has been established at all CREDAI chapters. In Delhi, of the 1,600 complaints received, more than 90% stand resolved to the satisfaction of the customers,” says Getamber Anand, president of CREDAI’s national chapter. “CREDAI’s code of conduct also promises full disclosure by all its members, with regard to project specifications which serves as a safeguard for customers at the booking stage,” he says.


Agencies/authorities that provide quality certification or ratings to projects

Third-party quality assurance companies provide quality audit services to real estate developers during the construction stage. Buyers can demand these reports from developers, so as to ensure quality compliance during the construction phase.

If construction is completed, the building can be vetted by non-destructive tests or ultrasonic pulse velocity tests. A buyer can ask for such test reports of the project from a developer, to check the health of the building. Before taking possession, a buyer can also engage a building Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) agency and ask the developer to repair any faulty work.


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